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Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a common reaction to traumatic events

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If you are a wife or significant other of a veteran who has become seriously impaired - and is also menacing to you because of PTSD, you are advised to seek professional help for yourself. However, Calhoun and Wampler caution, “many veterans suffering from chronic PTSD are openly distrustful and may view the involvement of their partner (in therapy) as a threat.” Somehow, you the wife of the veteran, need to assure your own physical safety as you learn to reduce your “caregiver burden” and help your husband overcome the anguish and humiliation of chronic PTSD.

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The argument behind the application of the yoga as a means for treating the condition is the fact that there are several options that are available through which PTSD can be addressed. The Harvard health publication deals with several forms of mental challenges to the people. Thus the combat veterans are not the only group that is faced with the problem. Nevertheless, this paper is targeting the Iraq and Afghanistan combat soldiers. In addressing the extent of the treatment, it becomes paramount to effectively deal with the issue of all forms of treatments that are directed to wards the successful tackling of the condition. Naturally, it is imperative to jot down the kind of defense that any form of treatment addresses.

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Similarly, the nature of the career that soldiers are in is to blame for the perpetuation of the disorder. Therefore, there are many soldiers who depict the symptoms and yet refrain from seeking any clinical attention towards the treatment of the condition. A great challenge to clinical counselors is the extent of the withdrawal syndrome that is depicted by the soldiers. After the entanglement in very inhuman and tremendous death vulnerability, combat soldiers get affected in a great way. The disorder thus remains within the soldiers without them willing to share it with professional counselors. Nevertheless, these soldiers do not freely reveal their condition. Thy thus opt to remain silent about the matter.

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The trauma-related psychopathology among combat soldiers is a result of the interplay of extreme conditions whose impacts are related with myriad factors that actually cause the emotional shake up. If the condition is to be addressed in a complete way, we determine the nature of the conditions that lead to the dominance of the symptoms. As mentioned earlier, the level of the involvement of the soldiers in events characterized with killings and vulnerability to deaths increases the level of impacts portrayed by the soldiers. Therefore, a soldier who has had more exposure to these conditions is more likely to exhibit PTSD. Nevertheless, personality has a big role to play towards effective demonstration of PTSD among the soldiers.

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The extremity of the symptoms is the main reason why the condition should be well analyzed. For instance, extreme level of detachment from daily routine as well as important activities of life is one more symptom that soldiers suffering PTSD depict. The major factor to consider towards addressing the PTSD completely is by redesigning the level of the effects that are prevalent in the interplay of factors that lead to the effective realization of the effects of extreme level of behavior change that the soldiers experience. Many of the symptoms are however not physical and thus not easily grasped. Any clinical practitioner will approve the fact that it is extremely difficult to diagnose. Thus the only option is to act on leads towards the disorder. By analyzing the nature of the extent of the challenges that are depicted by the soldiers towards the dominance of the condition, it becomes easier to tackle the disorder (Doherty, 2009).

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There is no doubt that soldiers are extremely exposed to situations of deaths and devastating effects. These conditions usually aggravate the extent of involvement of the soldiers in these conditions thus more likely to develop PTSD. Before they take any role into the combat exercise, soldiers are screened for any mental and physical challenge. This is basically meant to ensure that they are completely prepared to face the challenges that combat ventures are characterized with. Nevertheless, the conditions prevalent in the combat environment are the main challenges that lead to the effectual alteration of their emotional reactions. The environment completely traumatizes them imparting extreme fear as well as extraordinary mental health.

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As the memories of the events linger in their minds, the combat soldiers also experience sleeplessness in most of the times. The nature of the trauma associated with PTSD is thus the main focus for the therapists towards effectively handling the challenge. In a nutshell, there is need to effectively develop a comprehensive approach meant to reduce the level of impacts that result from the involvement of the soldiers in the events that show catastrophic losses. The nature of the fear that the soldiers portray is in extreme level. The fear of being injured or injure other people is also in them. They thus opt to remain detached from some of the activities that would involve these threats. Therefore, these soldiers often get the limitation of effectively tackling the issue of adequate strength to face certain challenges associated with their daily functioning.