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History essay word limit in his core beliefs and uk universities for psc scholarship application.

How to Avoid Going Over an Essay Word Limit: 9 Steps

Information on collaborations may be included in the essay. Literature references are not required, but, if included, must fit within the page limit. Figures and illustrations may be included but must also fit within the page limit. Do not include links to websites to provide further information. No animations (movies) are allowed in any documents.

But I recommend and strongly so, that ideal word limit for a quality essay should be 1200 +/- 300 words i.e., 900-1500 words.

Mit sloan essay word limit common

If you confine to 1500 words’ limit, you should usually not require a supplementary answer book, but if required, go for one and securely attach to main answer book in last 2 minutes.

Going by the 150 marks allotted to essay, it can be presumed that 2000 words should be the word limit.

Going by the recommended word limit ( 1200 +/- 300 words), I recommend that you devote 90-100 minutes to develop the essay on 3-4 rough pages at the back of your answer booklet and roughly 80-90 minutes to actually write down a neat 900-1500 worded essay.

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