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Not all human societies have had destructive relationships with rainforests, and we need to know about these harmonious relationships as a source of information about agriculture, husbandry, etc.14) , for its own sake.15) : Humans, at the moment the dominant species, have a responsibility to protect the earth.The “services” which forests provide are incomparable; nothing can be substituted for them.

06.01.2011 · Top Five Ways to Protect ..

and organise an event to raise money to protect rainforest

With the average rainfall never registering below 168 cm (66 inches) and the monthly temperature always exceeding 18ºC, the biome of tropical rainforests have adapted to these temperature conditions.

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The first thing we need to do is find other ways to make money from the rainforest. The rainforest is being hacked down to make money. Poor farmers are selling their land to companies because they need money, and who can blame them for that? These companies cut down trees for the wood and then turn the land to cattle ranches or palm oil plantations because this is how they make money. How can we stop this? Should we pay farmers not to cut down trees and stop farmers selling their land to these companies? Why don’t we educate local people about why they shouldn’t destroy the rainforest and make sure they know about the wonderful treasures the rainforest may hold which also could make them money? We also need to think about what we buy and not buy things from companies who destroy the rainforest so that their business fails.

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