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Why should you consider online learning and technology for your professional development?

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I’m grateful to the students, parents, colleagues, professors, my professional learning network, authors, consultants and administrators who’ve contributed towards my development, thus making me a more effective educator.

Technology implementation increased to reach the needs of teacher professional development.

allows teachers to address the professional norms of practice for ..

Currently, local districtsspend a great deal on professional development--and it istypically spent in ineffective ways for unclear purposes.There is a growing body of opinion among "experts" that the conventional forms of professionaldevelopment are virtually a waste of time.

PLC support the partnership between student learning and professional development for educators....

However, consider that teachers are often overwhelmed by so-called professional development sessions from which they conclude did not give them the concrete ideas they had hoped for to take back to their classrooms. Indeed, in a report written for the Center for Public Education, an initiative of the National School Boards Association, Allison Gulamhussein (2013) found:

Learning Forward (2011, August). Quick reference guide to standards for professional learning. JSD, 32(4), 41, 43-44. Retrieved from

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: The EDC philosophy centers around developing mathematical habits of mind. It creates "innovative programs and materials designed specifically to improve mathematics and science teaching and learning at all grade levels. The Mathematical Practices Institute (MPI) is the result of decades of work focusing on dramatically improving how mathematics is taught and learned. ... MPI can offer curricula, research, technical assistance, and professional development—configured to local or state needs—to help effectively implement the CCSS in ways that are faithful to its design and intent." The website also includes searchable resources with archived webinars and presentations, essays, white papers, books, curriculum.

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provides online professional development courses for K-12 educators, including Common Core State Standards (CCSS) courses in Mathematics and English Language Arts (ELA). The CCSS "courses provide teachers and administrators with the pedagogical understanding they need to prepare students to be college and career-ready through the CCSS." Courses of interest to all educators include such titles addressing blended learning, cell phones as learning tools, classroom assessment enhanced with technology, data-driven decision making, personal learning networks, differentiating instruction, internet safety, learning and teaching with Web 2.0 tools, digital portfolios, universal design, and more. Pricing varies.

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has free professional development (see Topics in Education) mini courses on classroom management, differentiated instruction, motivating students to learn, and test preparation strategies.

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is a worldwide effort to help both experienced teachers and pre-service teachers integrate technology into instruction and enhance student learning. Intel's site is rich in professional development materials.