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Problem - My proposed solution for the foreclosure problem has several parts.

of a problem-and-solution essay

To come up with a strong problem solution essay, you should figure out an answer to a question and support it with reliable evidence. Nowadays, there are a lot of issues to talk about. However, it’s may be a good idea to find a narrow topic or a challenging subject. That way you will substantially improve your writing skills and get high grades for being original at the same time. Here’s the list of thought-provoking topics for your college problem solution essay:

Use problem/solution essays from your writing/grammar resource or from professional writings as models.

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This exercise teaches students to understand the organizational structure of problem/solution essays by having them write "what it says" and "what it does" statements about a text. Asking students to write these statements about a text will enable students to read the text closely and will ensure that they understand the structure of a problem/solution text.

Is it a good idea to include examples in advantage and disadvantage or problem and solution essay???please help me

Thesis part (1 paragraph): topic sentence of whole essay(thesis). The thesis must conclude two parts, one is problem of issue and two is what is the solution of it.

Description: Write a problem/solution essay that explores a real problem ..

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You can choose your organisation. The examiner is marking you on logical organisation and both options are logical. There is no right or wrong way. However, be careful because the solutions are not always solutions to the causes, they are solutions to the problem in the essay question.

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Hi Liz,
In the conclusion of the cause-solution essay, if I just restate the problem, not the solutions, and instead use a phrase like ” However this can be resolved by the above suggestions” , will I get lower score ? I’m torn 🙁

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(I´ve just put this in my intro:
Nowadays, one controversial issue that directly affects to society is the amount of delinquents who commit a new crime after having already been in prison. This essay will look at the causes of this problematic situation as well as suggest some possible solutions that could be taken.)

Do you have a problem solution essay again?

Conclusion part (1 paragraph): in conclusion, you should conclude the problem of the topic in subclaim parts, and then more important thing is to support for solution!!! ( you need to figure out the solution for the problem!!)

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I wrote a solution essay about this topic: The number of people who are at risk of serious health problems due to being overweight is increasing. What is the reason for the growth in overweight people in society? How can this problem be solved?