The organization has long promoted pro-choice stance on abortion.

In this simple pattern for an argumentative essay, you discuss two pro points and one con point.

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The rest of the countries either have partial restrictions on abortion like the first or second trimesters of pregnancy or a complete ban, unless it's fatal for the mother to continue pregnancy.

Abortion can be defined as pregnancy termination by choice or one that happens accidentally in case of a miscarriage.

All these and many more pros and cons of abortion are apposed in this article below.

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The conclusion of an argumentative essay is just as important as the introduction. The conclusion reiterates your point, and reminds the reader that you have convinced them of your argument. The conclusion is the last part of the essay that your reader will experience.

The arguments and laws for abortion have been going on since the early eighteen hundreds.

In an argumentative essay, the introduction is very important. It is where you lay out the main argument that your essay will make, and it gives the reader his/her first impression of your essay.

Another major argument regarding abortion is whether or not a fetus can feel pain.

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One of the best ways to find a topic for an argumentative essay is to perform a search for topics related to some compelling subject, like politics, religion, abortion, education or home life.

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Pro-life people believe that every child deserves a chance no matter what the circumstances and that the governent has the right to refuse an abortion, while pro-choice people believe that an individual can make their own decision and do what they want (Head).

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Pro-life advocates are people who believe abortion is ethically and morally wrong, and that it is the government’s job to protect all people including the lives of unborn children.

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Pro-choice supporters say that it is not the government’s responsibility to protect the unborn children, and women should have the right to determine whether or not they continue with their pregnancies; by choosing to have an abortion....

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In the book How the Pro-Choice Movement Saved America : Freedom, Politics, and the War on Sex Christina , Page talks about abortion and all other topics that go hand in hand with it such as sex and contraception to evaluate their effect on the American culture in the twentieth and the twenty-first centuries....

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While some people, usually conservatives (also known as Pro-Life advocates), view abortion as wrong, others tend to feel that abortion should be up to the woman in that situation; these people are usually liberalists (also known as Pro-Choice advocates).