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The argument between evolution and creation has been debated back and forth for years.

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In this research paper, I will contrast the ideas and arguments from both creationism and evolutionism and then take an educated side using my knowledge.

In this paper, I'm going to give the arguments that prove evolution wrong.

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In 1981, these drafts found a taker in Arkansas, where such a bill waspassed and signed into law — as it happens, by a legislature andgovernor that thought little of what they were doing until theconsequences were drawn to their attention. At once the American CivilLiberties Union sprang into action, bringing suit on grounds of thelaw's unconstitutionality. The theologian Langdon Gilkey, thegeneticist Francisco Ayala, the paleontologist Stephen Jay Gould, andas the philosophical representative myself (Michael Ruse) appeared asexpert witnesses, arguing that Creationism has no place in statesupported biology classes. In the courtroom, evolution won. The judgeruled firmly that Creation Science is not science, it is religion, andas such has no place in public classrooms. The judge ruled that the‘essential characteristics’ of what makes somethingscientific are:

This topic happens to be the theory of creation, versus the theory of evolution.

Defenders of the anti-Creationism strategy taken in Arkansas argued,perhaps a little disingenuously, that the United States Constitutiondoes not bar the teaching of false science. It bars the teaching ofnon-science, especially non-science which is religion by anothername. Hence, if the quibbles of people like Laudan were takenseriously, the Creationists might have a case to make for the balancedtreatment of evolution and Creationism. Popperian falsifiability maybe a somewhat rough and ready way of separating science and religion,but it is good enough for the job at hand, and in law that is whatcounts.

Public school students, numbering in the millions, seem a perfect, captive audience for the promulgation of the ideas of a few self-righteous groups.

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Recently, this debate has intensified throughout America over the issue of whether or not to include creationism in the public school curriculum either in conjunction with evolution or as a replacement for the theory.

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Then there is someone that Johnson calls a ‘theisticrealist.’ This is someone who believes in a God, and that thisGod can and does intervene in the natural world. ‘God alwayshas the option of working through regular secondary mechanisms, and weobserve such mechanisms frequently. On the other hand, many importantquestions — including the origin of genetic information andhuman consciousness — may not be explicable in terms ofunintelligent causes, just as a computer or a book cannot be explainedthat way’ (p. 209). Johnson thinks of himself as a theisticrealist, and hence as such in opposition to metaphysicalrealism. Methodological realism, which he links with evolutionism,would seem to be distinct from metaphysical realism, but it isJohnson's claim that the former slides into the latter. Hence, theevolutionist is the methodological realist, is the metaphysicalrealist, is the opponent of the theistic realist — and as far asJohnson is concerned, the genuine theistic realist is one who takes apretty literalistic reading of the Bible. So ultimately, it is allless a matter of science and more a matter of attitudes andphilosophy. Evolution and Creationism are different world pictures,and it is conceptually, socially, pedagogically, and with good luck inthe future legally wrong to treat them differently. More than this, itis incorporated into Johnson's argument that Creationism(a.k.a. Theistic Realism) is the only genuine form ofChristianity.

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To sort out this debate, let us agree (to what is surely the case)that if you are a methodological naturalist, today you are going toaccept evolution and conversely to think that evolution supports yourcause. Today, methodological naturalism and evolution are a packagedeal. Take one, and you take the other. Reject one, and you reject theother. Clearly then, if your theism is one which gets its knowledge ofGod's actions and purposes from a literal reading of the Bible, youhave got a conflict. You cannot accept Genesis literally andevolution. That is a fact. In other words, there can be noaccommodation between Creationism and evolution. However, what if youthink that theologically speaking there is much to be said for a niceshade of grey? What if you think that much of the Bible, althoughtrue, should be interpreted in a metaphorical manner? What if youthink you can be an evolutionist, and yet take in the essential heartof the Bible? What price consistency and methodological naturalismthen? The answer depends on what you take to be the "essential heart"of the Bible. At a minimum we can say that, to the Christian, thisheart speaks of our sinful nature, of God's sacrifice, and of theprospect of ultimate salvation. It speaks of the world as a meaningfulcreation of God (however caused) and of a foreground drama which takesplace within this world. One refers particularly to the original sin,Jesus' life and death, and his resurrection and anything which comesafter it. And clearly at once we are plunged into the first of the bigproblems, namely that of miracles — those of Jesus himself (theturning of water into wine at the marriage at Canna), his return tolife on the third day, and (especially if you are a Catholic) suchongoing miracles as transubstantiation and those associated, inresponse to prayer, with the intervention of saints.