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Students should be learning that from primary school. Then your needs to sum it all up, but you never include any new information because that shows you haven't planned. Alix Johnson
So the introduction introduces all the points of an essay, and then each point is expanded on in the subsequent paragraphs and then all of those points are rounded up and brought together in the conclusion. We say, essay writing: Alix Johnson
One thing that parents can do to help their children in high school is to proofread their homework. By proofreading you'll not only help your child, and offer a sense of support, that can help them feel more confident with the work that they're then submitting, but it can really help inform the parent about where their child is at. You get to learn more about their life in high school, as well as where they're at academically and ways that you can help them. Narrator
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he essay should accomplish two goals. First, it should accurately describe the source contents to someone who cannot see or read the document in question. Review your notes from earlier in the term about things to think about when reading and describing primary sources. Be sure, too, to consider the questions you worked through in the handout from our Mexican encounters exercise. Who were the audiences? What goals was the author seeking to accomplish? What were his or her major points or emphases? What the author say that might have been included? How did shape the contents? Second, you should place the document into its historical context. What was going on in North America at the time your source was written or created? (See this or try typing in just the year as a Google search term.) What was going on in the community in which your source was created? What important themes, trends, concepts, or consequences does it illustrate? What do we know about the world from examining this source that we didn't know or understand before encountering it? What things make this document significant and worthy of someone else's attention? Tell us everything you can think of that makes this document , with some attention to priority and ranking of these factors.

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Instructions: Students must choose two (2) of thefollowing essay questions to complete this semester. Each question is based on agroup of primary documents. You must read all of the documents assigned for thatreading, then write a two to three page essay (440 to 660 words) answering thequestion. In most cases, you will need to draw upon what we have discussed in class and material from the textbook to fully answer the question. You will have anopportunity to revise these essays to improve your grade, . Please be sure that your essay is in yourown words - do not simply copy out long passages from the readings. If you use any source otherthan the assigned reading, please use either footnotes or endnotes to indicate this. If you haveany questions, please feel free to come to my office during office hours, or make anappointment.

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