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As far as writing well goes, proofread (at the very least, check spelling and grammar and take out notes to yourself or your parents before submitting) but don't adopt such a formal style that all personality is lost. Remember, your essay is a way for the college or the scholarship provider to get to know you, so you want it to be as much in your voice as possible. While you still want to avoid well-known grammatical faux pas, such as ending a sentence in a preposition or using "there" instead of "their" ("they're" should be right out, as contractions should be avoided in formal writing), you can easily go overboard. If you don't even use semicolons in your normal writing, don't try to overuse them in a scholarship essay. As long as an essay is written well and isn't offensively informal (avoid slang, cursing, and stories of sex, drugs, and bodily functions), your essay is probably professional enough for many admission offices and. While some competitive colleges or may require a more formal tone, the same essay-writing advice applies. Even when you're applying for a law scholarship, writing like a lawyer isn't necessarily the recipe for success.

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Whether it's for college admissions or , chances are you will have to write at least one application essay. If you're a typical , the college and scholarship you write this year are likely to be the most difficult and high-pressure writing assignment you've had to date. To keep you sane and up your chances of success, we've prepared a few tips, culled from research and our own experience, to help you through whatever you're undertaking.

Know where you're applying, what their requirements are, and as much about their mission and what they're likely to be looking for as possible. Figure out whether you're a good candidate for admission or a . Once you're able to point to specific reasons why you should receive an acceptance letter or a , you'll have an easier time convincing others of the same thing. This leads to writing effective , as well as effective college application essays.

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Once your application is submitted, all applicants must take the Prep Entrance Exam, administered on the H.S.P.T. (High School Placement Test). Students will also be required to complete an essay at the conclusion of the Entrance Exam. The exam and essay will last three hours.

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University Prep offers sibling applicants an early admission process. The early sibling admission process is an effort to alleviate some of the stress on current UPrep families associated with the independent school admission process. We understand the commitment of time and resources required to apply to several schools. While UPrep does not guarantee acceptance to siblings, our program is a good match for the majority of sibling applicants. The early sibling process allows current families time between decision notification from UPrep and the application deadline to other independent schools, should they need to explore other educational options. We extend the courtesy of the early sibling process to children of faculty and staff.