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The power structure in such governments is often centralized and conservative.

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Western powers viewed Nkrumah as a socialist and worried about his potential influence on other African leaders. Documents from the U.S. State Department show that the United States was eager to remove him from power. One way of doing so was to manipulate the international price of cocoa, the main cash crop in Ghana; this led to unrest that was also fueled by opposition to his increasingly autocratic regime. A CIA-backed coup launched when Nkrumah was visiting China and North Vietnam ousted him from power in February 1966. He lived in exile in Guinea at the invitation of President Sékou Touré and died during cancer treatment in Romania in 1972.

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In the 1960s, Frantz Fanon, the anti-colonial intellectual and psychoanalyst, among others, described neo-colonialism as the continued exploitation of the continent from outside and within, together with European political intervention during the post-independence years. One of the many questions that African leaders faced was whether continued economic and political interaction with former colonial powers threatened their autonomy and political viability. The ex- colonizers wanted to retain their former colonial territories within their sphere of influence. This continued relationship, Fanon argued, benefited African politicians and the small middle class but did not benefit the national majorities. The result was tension between the ruling classes and the majority population.

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Kees Boeke's wonderful idea of presenting the universe in a series of jumps by thepowers of 10 in size was transformed by Charles and Ray Eames into a film. This book isthe translation of the film into print. The photographs and the brief dialogue from thefilm have been enlarged and enriched by additional photographs and text. The book providesmany ideas from the fields of astronomy, physics, biology, and so forth. The frames fromthe film appear on the right-hand pages in descending order of scale, and the left-handpages provide the additional material. For example, facing the page for the scale of 100million kilometers, we find photographs taken by the Viking space probe as it approachedMars, views of the Martian surface, a NASA Orbiter and a Soviet surface picture taken ofVenus, and a picture of a meteorite in someone's hand. The opening essay, "Looking atthe World," and a closing series of notes on observing, describing, and measuring areworth the price of the book. The notes on sources describe each of the photographs andwhere they come from and are a final delight of this fascinating, accurate, and carefullyproduced book.

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the true one, as fitting to Iago's contempt for whatever did not display power, and that intellectual power. In what follows, let the reader feel how by and through the glass of two passions, disappointed vanity and envy, the very vices of which he is complaining, are made to act upon him as if they were so many excellences, and the more appropriately, because cunning is always admired and wished for by minds conscious of inward weakness;—but they act only by half, like music on an inattentive auditor, swelling the thoughts which prevent him from listening to it.

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The use of a monarchy or kingdom setting in Robin Hood allowed the author to portray the abuses of power that often occur among the wealthiest members of a community.

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Using of Comprehensive National Power as a base (an index of power that attempts to express a nation’s economic, military, and cultural power in a single number), I will specially stress the above factors in my analysis of future global power trends. Some results will look plausible and familiar (e.g. China the US as a superpower by the 2020’s); others will appear utterly bizarre (e.g. Canada becoming a major Great Power in by the end of the century, while India and Brazil plummet back into obscurity). But they are nonetheless all plausible and even likely outcomes, derived from bringing together worlds that all too often are considered independently of each other: the economy; human capital; geopolitics; energetics; and climate change.