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This could create disparities in the availability and accessibility of post-secondary education.

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Those who believe that post-secondary education institutions require additional government support also believe that such support should not be provided as a right, but rather on the basis of accountability. Others contend that, despite the evidence of financial need, solving the problems facing Canadian post-secondary establishments will require "more imagination and wise management" of all resources than simply more money. In any case, in view of the amount already spent on education and the fiscal restraint now facing all levels of governments, it is doubtful that more funds could be provided.

No matter what level of government is involved, it is clear that various benefits result from public investment in post-secondary education.

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Since post-secondary institutions are multi-faceted, producing educated students, research and innovation, and local economic development, there should be a more all-encompassing method of measuring outcomes and linking funding to the results. Beyond the indicator improvements suggested above, efforts should be made to ensure that the funding agreements cannot be gamed through the provision of watered-down degrees.

It is on the basis of these benefits that improvements in post-secondary education can be justified.

Recommendation 7-20: Reshape student financial assistance provided by both the federal and provincial governments, including the newly announced 30% Off Ontario Tuition grant, to target more of the assistance to low-income students whose access is most likely to be compromised by financial obstacles and broaden the approach to improving access to
post-secondary education.

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Graduating from a post-secondary institution should not simply be an indication of a student’s ability to master certain facts and figures (most of which can be memorized even if not understood). The capacity to integrate ideas and create innovative solutions to problems is at the heart of the higher education experience. This will be critical to the economic and social success of Ontario, in an economy where graduates will be working over their career in ways that cannot even be imagined now.

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Although some favour alternative financing arrangements for post-secondary education, there has not yet been any detailed proposal for reform.

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Students enrolling in post secondary programs in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics are eligible to request to be nominated for the Schulich Leader Scholarships. Scholarship criteria include two of the following: exceptional high grades, demonstrated leadership in school life and community life, or evidence of entrepreneurial talent, and/or financial need. The school is able to nominate one student for the scholarship. If you are interested in being nominated for this award please complete a Student Biography Form, with an attached cover letter indicating why you believe you are a worthy candidate, to Ms. Beck or Mr. Accili by the first week in January. Late submissions will not be accepted. For detailed information about the program, please visit: .

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Recommendation 7-12: Government and post-secondary institutions must measure learning outcomes; that is, the value added through education, not just whether a person graduates.

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Second, he maintains that the funding patterns established for post-secondary institutions inhibit the possibility of coordinating educational programs among provinces as well as among establishments.