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Pollution enters the ocean through how humans dispose of waste, accidents and carelessness.

Pollution is a state where environment is being dirty.

Environmental pollution is found in many places such as plastic products, cleaning products, food, animals, personal care products, and the most dangerous in the environment where the oxygen we breathe and share with other living beings (Eriksen 2013).

Over 80% of ocean pollution is from land based activates which are careless.

The traffic-pollution causes affliction and distress to individuals.

To address the threats posed by limited oceanic pollution regulation in American and international waters, several American nongovernmental organizations have pursued diverse tactics to generate government, industry, and consumer response....

Air Pollution is a huge environmental issue not only in the United States but all over the world.

The process of pollution occurs when toxins are released into the ground water from landfill sites, this pollution stays in the environment for hundreds of years, while they break down; those plastic bags get into the food...

To sum up, the environment has suffered tremendously from air pollution....

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And a prestigious institution such as the UnitedNations, in its Declaration on the Human Environment (Stockholm,1972), repeatedly urged everyone "to improve theenvironment." Both urgings reflect the fallacy that man canreverse the march of entropy. The truth, however unpleasant, isthat the most we can do is to prevent any unnecessary depletionof resources and any unnecessary deterioration of theenvironment, but without claiming that we know the precisemeaning of "unnecessary" in this context.

The major types of environmental pollution are air ..

Apparently, the advocates of the stationary stateequate it with an open steady state. Thisstate consists of an macrosystem which maintains itsentropic structure constant through material exchanges with its"environment." As one would immediately guess, theconcept constitutes a highly useful tool for the study ofbiological organisms. We must, however, observe that the conceptrests on some special conditions introduced by L. Onsager [50,pp. 89-97]. These conditions are so delicate (they are called theprinciple of balance) that in actuality they canhold only "within a deviation of a few percent" [50, p.140]. For this reason, a steady state may exist in fact only inan approximated manner and over a finite duration. Thisimpossibility of a macrosystem not in a state of chaos to beperpetually durable may one day be explicitly recognized by a newthermodynamic law just as the impossibility of perpetual motiononce was. Specialists recognize that the present thermodynamiclaws do not suffice to explain all nonreversible phenomena,including especially life processes.

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Air Pollution: Air pollution is coming from several sources such as the various activities of the human being or natural sources and causes the human in most of the air pollution by waste and sewage, oil and its derivatives and radioactive materials and the nature is causing earthquakes, floods, storms and this results in damage to different system environments.

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For the environmental problem it is essential tounderstand the typical forms in which technological progress mayoccur. A first group includes the which achieve a net economy of low entropy -- be it by a morecomplete combustion, by decreasing friction, by deriving a moreintensive light from gas or electricity, by substitutingmaterials costing less in energy for others costing more, and soon. Under this heading we should also include the discovery ofhow to use new kinds of accessible low entropy. A second groupconsists of which simplysubstitute physicochemical energy for human energy. A goodillustration is the innovation of gunpowder, which did away withthe catapult. Such innovations generally enable us not only to dothings better but also (and especially) to do things which couldnot be done before -- to fly in airplanes, for example. Finally,there are the which bring intoexistence new consumer goods, such as the hat, nylon stockings,etc. Most of the innovations of this group are at the same timesubstitution innovations. In fact, most innovations belong tomore than one category. But the classification serves analyticalpurposes.