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The poem begins with a single, solitary cloud floating slowly over the English countryside. You don’t often see one cloud off by itself, but that seems to be the case here. The cloud is like a lost child wandering in through a shopping mall: "Would the mother of the lonely cloud please come claim her child!" The cloud floats over a part of the countryside with hills and valleys, so this is not flat farmland. If we were going to bring in Wordsworth’s biography into the mix, we’d say that this is the famous Lake District where the poet lived much of his life. But we’re not going to do that, so we’ll just call it some kind of region (a district, perhaps?) with lakes. You should feel free to come up with your own setting for the poem. Where do you picture the speaker catching this vision of never-ending daffodils?

Setting in I wandered lonely as a Cloud (Daffodils). Analysis of the poem’s setting.

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19-24) Wordsworth’s famous and simple poem, “I wandered lonely as a cloud,” expresses the Romantic Age’s appreciation for the beauty and truth that can be found in a setting as ordinary as a field of daffodils.

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"I wandered lonely as a Cloud" describes an experience you’ve probably had: you’re bummed out, maybe because of something that happened in a relationship or maybe because it’s a nasty day outside, and suddenly you see something that just makes you smile and feel good again. And that’s pretty much the main idea right there. You won’t find any earth-shattering revelations of truth. Wordsworth felt that the little moments in life could be the most profound. Apparently, many readers agree with him, because they have made this one of the most beloved poems of all time. We think its popularity has something to with how unabashedly joyful it is.

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You don’t often find poems as happy as this one. Literature thrives on conflict. You may remember having had to sit through one of those English lectures where every story ever written is broken down into basic conflicts like, "Man vs. Man," "Man vs. Nature," and, our favorite, "Man vs. Himself." Cheesy and simplistic, yes, but with a kernel of truth. Poetry is no less conflict-ridden than your average story or novel. Many poems are about depression, sadness, loss, family trauma, death, etc. But all the conflict in "I wandered lonely as a Cloud" is contained in the word "lonely." After the second line, the poem is all flowers and dancing. There aren't even any hidden anxieties buried underneath. Just flowers. And dancing. Did we mention the dancing?

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"I wandered lonely as a cloud" takes place in the Lake District of Northern England. The area is famous for its hundreds of lakes, gorgeous expanses of springtime daffodils, and for being home to the "Lakeland Poets": , Samuel Coleridge, and Robert Southey.

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William Wordsworth has been to this place and it was the subject of his poem "I Wandered As Lonely As A Cloud.” He entered a state of tranquility when he visited here and writes this proficient piece of poetry when he has recollections about the daffo...

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The official bills "I wander lonely as a cloud" as ’s "most famous poem about daffodils," which is a bit like referring to ’s most famous . We kid. But seriously, Wordsworth did not write many poems about daffodils. This is, however, a very well-known poem, in part because it’s so darned cheery. In very plain language, it describes how the speaker’s loneliness is cured by a field of daffodils – you know, the yellow flowers with the center that looks a bit like a trumpet horn. Many people know this poem simply as "Daffodils," but the title is actually "I wandered lonely as a Cloud."