Here I have an analysis of “Annabel Lee” written by Edgar Allen Poe.

The poem

Memories of Annabel Lee's death starts to creep in Poe's thoughts.

In "Annabel Lee," Annabel dies and leaves the speaker in isolation; in "La Belle Dame Sans Merci," the fairy, "La Belle Dame," captures the speaker’s heart, and then deserts him.

“Annabel Lee”, by Edgar Allan Poe, is a work of art portraying loss, love, and beauty.

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When he writes, “For the moon never beams without giving me dreams Of the beautiful Annabel Lee”, he seems to be aware of the distinction between fantasy and reality, however this is his only lucid moment.

The sea symbolizes evil and darkness surrounding the kingdom where Annabel and Poe grew up.

(Will connect with Gatsby)
4 Hyperbole
"For the moon never beams, without bringing me dreams of the beautiful Annabel Lee; And the stars never rise" (34).

Poe had written numerous of poems and stories but the one I chose was “Annabel Lee”.

Edgar Allan Poe writes Annabel Lee in the most unique tone, ..

In the poem, after Annabel Lee dies, the speaker makes some biblical references/ anaphora saying " neither the angels in Heaven above nor the demons down under the sea"(30-31).

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the Kinsman takes Annabel away and shuts her in a tomb, which symbolizes the interference of older people, possibly in Poe's life, who try to interefere with the speaker's or Poe's relationship.

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The prominent themes I noticed were 1) love 2)hope 3)tragedy.
1) Within the book and the poem, we see a love story unravel between the men (Gatsby and Speaker) and the women (Daisy and Annabel Lee).

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As well, the sickness that “-blew out of a cloud” (Poe “Annabel Lee”) and killed Annabel Lee could be hypothesized to be tuberculosis, a disease that took so many within his life.

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Perhaps it would have been better for Gatsby if Daisy had died like Annabel Lee, because it would have given a man a life, who very much deserved a second chance.