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Cholesterol can be influenced by balancing different types of fatty acids in the diet.

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Although there is good reason to be sympathetic with Bull’s argument, as well as those original criticisms of the consumer economy made by Adorno and Horkheimer, their criticisms had the wrong target: namely, the system of capitalist production and the emerging culture industry which forms part of it. The object of Adorno and company’s scorn was the substitution of risk-free and addictive pleasures for the pleasures of understanding, freedom, and relationship. They may have been right in thinking that the culture industry has a propensity to favor the first kind of pleasure, for this kind of pleasure is easily packaged and marketed. But take away the healthy ways of growing up through relationships and the addictive pleasures will automatically take over, even where there is no culture industry to exploit them — as we witnessed in communist Europe. And, just like the theater, the media of mass culture can also be used positively (by those with critical judgment) to enhance and deepen our real sympathies. The correct response to the ills of television is not to attack those who manufacture televisions or who stock them with rubbish: it is to concentrate on the kind of education that makes it possible to take a critical approach to television, so as to demand real insight and real emotion, rather than kitsch, Disney, or porn. And the same is true for the iPod.

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Celebrities absolutely rule the world. Youths are bombarded with the wild thoughts of taking pictures alongside their famous celebrities and sports personality. Youths (who are quite an impressionable) hear stories of very wealthy business men who dropped out of college to pursue successful careers. Examples from all works of life include Kanye West, who attempts to mock the idea of college as incompetent. He creatively uses the names of his albums to play down the importance of college in our society.

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Most of us in college now, myself included, grew up and came of age in an era of broken things and people and politics. This is no different from any other time, really Americans base their history on tragedies and triumphs, and not much in between but what is different now is that on campuses protest and public dissent seem less of a constant, less of a defining feature. I am troubled by the political disconnect, even the apathy I sometimes see among my fellow students. I don’t quite know what to say to those who miss the constant demonstrations on campus quads in the names of various causes, much less those who worry about poor turnout among student-aged voters.

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In college, there are excellent opportunities for advancement that we only get because we are college students. For example, many colleges offer internships that will provide the basis for getting a job in that field. With internships, you can get real-life experience outside the classroom. In the real world, it’s sink or swim. Either you get it or you don’t. With internships, you’re not expected to be an expert in your field. In fact, the professionals you work with will help you along, teaching you how to improve at what you do, rather than dismiss you.

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But it is unlikely that this is either the source of risk-avoidance in human relationships, or a real indication of the right and the wrong way to proceed. No doubt children need physical risk and adventure if they are to develop as responsible people, with their full quota of courage, prudence, and practical wisdom. But risks of the soul are unlike risks of the body; you don’t learn to manage them by being exposed to them. As we know, children exposed to sexual predation do not learn to deal with it but, on the contrary, tend to acquire the habit of not dealing with it: of altogether closing off a genuine emotional engagement with their sexuality, reducing it to a raw, angry bargaining, learning to treat themselves as objects and losing the capacity to risk themselves in love. Much modern sex education, which teaches that the only risks of sex are medical, exposes children to the same kind of harm, encouraging them to enter the world of sexual relations without the capacity to give or receive erotic love, and so learning to see sex as lying outside the realm of lasting relationships — a source of pleasure rather than love.

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Students these days acknowledge that their post-college lives will be different – less time for partying, perhaps – but they’re spending their college time in large part preparing for the future. Whatever loss this may be to us personally – and my general sense of nostalgia for the era I will never know tells me it is a big one – the nation certainly benefits. We are no longer a cultural marker for the masses; instead we work with them and on their behalf. However much the academic community has to teach the world, the world has at least as much to teach us, and venturing out of our ivory tower will benefit everyone.