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Born in Switzerland in 1921, Friedrich DUrrenmatt occupied a major place among writers in German since the succes de scandale of his first play, Es steht geschrieben [It Is Written], in Zurich in 1947.

Database of all Friedrich Durrenmatt's plays including biography, theatres, agent, synopses, cast sizes, production and published dates.

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Durrenmatt uses many allusions in The Visit in which its connections sheds so much more light on the play and helps to emphasize even the smallest aspects of it.

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Durrenmatt’s implementation of allusions to describe characters at a deeper lever, compare events in Guellen to its contrasting Westernized culture and show the irony of what Claire does to what others say, helps us understand The Visit at a much deeper level and far more interesting way.

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Screenplays: Es geschah am hellichten Tag (It Happened in Broad Daylight), 1960; Die Ehe des Herrn Mississippi, 1961; Der Besuch der alten Dame, 1963.