The observation took place in the child development classroom.

During the observation I was present including the children and their mother.

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From observation, the video looks at the way the childminder plans the experience from a child-initiated stance, which directs the children’s learning in addition with assisting them with role-play and symbolic play, which is shown towards the end of...

For my observation, I noticed many things that were associated with class discussions in the child.

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Furthermore the observations check that the child is safe, contented, healthy and developing normally within the classroom or early years setting, over time the observations can be given to parents as they show a record of progress which helps to settle the parent and feel more comfortable about their child’s education....

Observing children in a playground, we might make the following observation:

Swing set safety guidelines have been developed to guide parents, childcare providers and school officials to the best measures to prevent accidents on playground equipment.

First of all I would like to explain why the child observation is important for social workers.

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R was helping the children build both gross and fine motor skills, by encouraging them to run around the playground, climbing the ladder to go down the slide, and playing with the attachments on the tree yard.

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Temperaments of are very visible in children, “At the playground, children make very clear their individual differences in their play, in the way they make relationships.” (Brazelton and Sparrow, pg.

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Even in such conditions they are not provided with outdoor activities and playgrounds, and the Indian government is not considering that how important it is for child development also lack of such amenities can lead to various serious problems especially in government schools.

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To look into this and draw some sort of conclusion, I will be asking both playgroup assistants and parents of children attending playgroup (2 sets of parents with girls, 2 sets with boys, 2 sets with boys and girls) questions in interviews or questionnaires....

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Observation enriches children’s experiences in their environment, gives them motivation to study, interact with other children and follow the practices of their adult models.

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