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I love the message in this article, but am disturbed at the bio photo next to it. You, glammed up with a ton of makeup, a sparkly low cut top, breasts either pushed up or photoshopped to stand out, portraying the archetypal image of female beauty, the same image that young girls are fed so much that they develop low self esteem, eating disorders, an obsession with makeup products, plastic surgery, etc.

The risks and complications that can happen during and after the operation are some of the biggest disadvantages of plastic surgery.

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Are you ready to see some of the worst plastic surgeries gone wrong? There are many reasons why someone would want plastic surgery. We’re not here to judge. But what happens when the plastic surgery procedure goes wrong? The results can be down right horrifying (and expensive). Take a look at these 25 plastic surgeries gone wrong before and after pictures.

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Thanks For Your Kind And Valuable Sharing of such information. I sometimes afraid about plastic surgery, but after reading your article it relief me. Some celebrities are obsessed with plastic surgeries and most of the famous celebrities are well by their successful plastic surgery. In a nut shell we have to take care and aware about this plastic surgery. Thanks Again……

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If you are thinking about having a cosmetic surgery completed, the first step that you should take is to research the potential side effects and consequences of having that surgery completed. Only surgeons that are certified by the American Board of plastic surgery are supposed to be performing cosmetic surgeries in the United States. Because every procedure has the possibility of unforeseen complications, it is the responsibility of every cosmetic surgeon to properly diagnose and appropriately treat every complication that is observed. If you feel like you have been the victim of malpractice because your cosmetic surgery has gone wrong, then it is important to seek legal representation with a qualified attorney as soon as possible.