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It was a pivotal moment, that realisation that my family was complete. That there was no need for more, that we were everything that we needed and wanted to be.

At pivotal moments in Jane's life, she makes choices which are influenced by her emotions and/or her reason.

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You might say Mandela’s speech in that courtroom on April 20th, 1964, was a pivotal moment for him. He became a worldwide symbol for freedom and democracy, and despite the fact that he was imprisoned for 27 years, he emerged stronger than ever, serving as South Africa’s president from 1994-1999.

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Autumnal rituals of honoring the dead are celebrated in many cultures. The Mexican Day of the Dead celebrates departed souls as they return for a short time every November. Families gather to honor their ancestors but in doing so they also celebrate life by acknowledging its transience. Families dance with caricatures of death and children eat sugar skulls. In this way they learn to enjoy life and not fear death.
In this same spirit, Fish Ghost (projected above on the skylight) and Fish Sentinels (a pair of inkjet prints on the stair landing) honor the dead. The fish of the Hudson River have sustained and nurtured generations of people living on its banks. In these works the ghosts of the river's fish return for a moment to watch over us, protect us, and remind us that we are all a part of the circle of life.

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“Like many Millennials,” says writer , “I often romanticize turning a pivotal moment in my life into the next great American essay, as defined by its acceptance into the column.”

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Local officials view downtown revitalization as pivotal in the current recovery and future vibrancy of a border city home to more than 1.3 million people.

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Rather than memories of events in the past, the Greatest moment in life is the only moment in life that we can live. The instant that we can control, the most important time and the only moment we can experience is the now, the present and it’s only by realising this and acting accordingly that we can experience the truly great and choose the direction of our lives.

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Today we’re talking about pivotal or defining moments in our lives. Singular or plural. Have you ever experienced one? If so, was it painful or exhilarating? How did it change you?

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Saint Augustine described the present as a knife edge, and argued that neither the past nor the future exist, and are merely a fantasy with the aim of making ourselves feel important. Although you may think that a moment was important to you, and therefore a moment you think of as Great, the only impact it has on your life is the way in which you apply that moment, and the knowledge gained from it, to the present. The present, Saint Augustine and his modern day counterparts say, is the only moment that can be changed and therefore the only moment that we exist in. The past on the other hand only exists as our memories, and even then these memories, and therefore the moments most people deem the Greatest in life, are really our own creation, and therefore the effect they have on our lives is also not as Great as perhaps we think it is. If the Greatest Moments in life are the most important ones, the moments that define us, surely the only Great Moment is the present? These other events, these memories are only a reflection of something that no longer exists, and clouded, subjective reflections at that. The present, on the other hand, is a moment of near infinite possibilities. Now, as you sit here, the Greatest moment of life is being played out. It is the only moment in life you can change, the only instant that is significant and the only thing that exists.

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Maybe you’ve never labeled your aha moments as such—pivotal—but we all have moments where our vision has been irrevocably altered or something additional has been revealed to us. These moments are life-changing, and can affect us positively or negatively. And we’re not only talking major life events such as leaving home for college or your graduation or your wedding or the death of a loved one or your first baby or the purchase of your first house. Add in there the smaller, more private things, such as conquering an addiction or going through a divorce or making a career change or overhearing a conversation that answered a question you’d been asking.