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The organization in 1925 of the Philippine Writers Association and in 1927 of the U.P.

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This is inevitable; as an art form the cinema in the Philippines canno longer remain isolated from the main current of sensibilities and ideas thatshape other artistic forms, such as literature, painting, the theater, etc.

She teaches Philippine Literature at the University of the Philippines.

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But this discussion curiously left out the issue of colonialism and colonial literature and the whole place of literary writing in English under a colonial set-up that was the Philippines then.

It was this educated class that would be the wellspring of a vibrant Philippine Literature in English.

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Early short story writers in English were often dubbed as the Andersons or Saroyans or the Hemingways of Philippine letters.

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The modern form of the short story is magnificently showcased in this anthology of fifty selections in English written by Filipinos in the last century. Edited by literary critic Isagani R. Cruz, this collection spans from 1925 to 1998. In this book readers will meet both famous and unfamiliar writers in both conventional and unexpected renditions of the genre. Although many of the stories are acknowledged masterpieces, the editor also chose stories on the basis of their ability to represent a particular author or decade. The stories of the 25 men and women writers represented here depict a vast gamut of human experience and emotions that, collectively, produce a stunning portrait of Philippine life and society. Dr. Cruz is a professor of literature at De Lasalle University, where he is also publisher of DLSU Press. He is himself a multi-awarded author and columnist, and the founding chair of the Manila Critics Circle. In a country where English has been the medium of instruction since the turn of the century, it is but fitting for the Philippines to share with the rest of the world its own vibrant treasury of short fiction. This richly satisfying collection represents the very best to emerge out of the Philippines in our century.

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The Best Philippine Short Stories brings the best in Philippine literature. In spite of its name, poems, essays, artwork, and cartoons appear on a regular basis.

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Nevertheless, theater in English continues to be presented through Broadway adaptations and the like by Repertory Philippines and other small drama groups.