A Definition of the Tea Party Movement.

On the day of the Boston Tea Party, these ships were at Boston Port.

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Tea Party Express
Over the summer, an organization called the "" began to plan a cross country protest tour, which lasted from Aug.

Their cargo was tea, and the colonists dumped the tea into the Boston Harbor.

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After learning about the men in the Boston Tea Party, Sam discovered that some people were for the Boston Tea Party and some people were against it. Would you have supported the Boston Tea Party or not?

There were many causes to the Boston Tea Party, and anger among the colonists caused them to revolt.

What was a result of the Boston Tea Party?

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After learning about the men in the Boston Tea Party ..

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The people who showed up on Tax Day were hard-working Americans with real jobs.

Other Tea Parties
Subsequent Tea Party protests followed on Independence Day and on Sept.

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Koch, head of the conservative grassroots advocacy group, Americans for Prosperity, has taken credit for launching the Tea Party protest idea, in coordination with FreedomWorks, another .

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The lone network news channel willing to cover the organization of the upcoming protests was FOX News Channel.

Event Coverage
When the Tax Day Tea Party protest actually occurred, it was derided and mocked by the very same news organizations that had ignored it to begin with.

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A published in early December 2009 showed that politicians affiliated with the Tea Party movement (assuming it were to become a political party) would draw more votes than a politician affiliated with the Republican Party.

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Under pressure from Patriot groups, the consignees in Charleston, New York, and Philadelphia refused to accept the tea shipments, but in Boston, the chosen merchants (including two of Governor Thomas Hutchinson’s sons as well as his nephew) refused to concede. The first tea ship, reached Boston November 27, and two more arrived shortly thereafter. Meanwhile, several mass meetings were held to demand that the tea be sent back to England with the duty unpaid. Tension mounted as Patriot groups led by tried to persuade the consignees and then the governor to accept this approach. On December 16, a large meeting at the Old South Church was told of Hutchinson’s final refusal. About midnight, watched by a large crowd, Adams and a small group of Sons of Liberty disguised as Mohawk Indians boarded the ships and jettisoned the tea. To Parliament, the Boston Tea Party confirmed Massachusetts’s role as the core of resistance to legitimate British rule. The Coercive Acts of 1774 were intended to punish the colony in general and Boston in particular, both for the Tea Party and for the pattern of resistance it exemplified.

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The colonists' complaint was that they were being unduly taxed without any representation in British parliament.

Origins of the Modern Movement
In 2009, the modern Tea Party movement got underway shortly after took office and he and House Democrats subsequently passed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 without a single Republican vote.