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The very nature of persuasivespeeches, essays and research papers is that an opinion has to bepresented and defended strongly in them. Perhaps the topics onanimals where there is the most scope to present your opinion in aconcrete manner stem from animal rights. In today's world, more andmore people are becoming conscious about ethical treatment ofanimals, questioning practices that threaten the natural habitat andlives of animals. It is such a vast arena that almost anything andeverything can be correlated with animal rights issues. Be it thechoice of a vegan lifestyle to animal testing in the cosmeticindustry- a wide variety is the main advantage of choosing to designyour persuasive speech topics on animals. There are thousandsof research paper topics about animals which focus mainly ontheir ethical treatment and rights.

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Animals, especially animal rightsare a great sector to find some very strong and convincing persuasiveessay topics from. Finding persuasive topics about animals canbe a daunting task when you have very little time. As the deadlineapproaches, this article is here to help you find the perfectpersuasive speech topics on animals so that you do not have tostruggle to find one at the last moment.

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So, you have to write a persuasive essay dedicated to animal testing. First of all, you should decide on your argument (if you are not given a point of view to support beforehand) – are you against or for animal testing? Or probably somewhere in between? Maybe you support it, but only in some cases or to a certain extent? Anyway, you should have a very clear understanding of what exactly you are going to be proving in your essay – after all, you are supposed not to give an objective evaluation of the topic, but to prove your point – and to that end you should use all the means available. Find animal testing facts that support your opinion; if you find facts that oppose it, you may either omit them altogether or address them separately by enumerating some arguments that make them look less important or trustworthy. If you are supposed to defend your point of view in a discussion after , make sure to prepare counterarguments dealing with all the debatable issues. Be ready!

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As you probably understand, animal testing is an extremely sensitive topic – some animal rights groups demand its outright ban, others consider it to be more acceptable to limit it in some way, while a lot of people believe that science and progress should be considered above the well-being of animals. Whichever point of view you support, it is better to tread lightly and be as tactful and careful in your wording as possible. When you write an essay on animal testing (and any other persuasive essay, for that matter), it is advisable to show respect for all points of view. If you show that you are not afraid of admitting that other opinions have their positive sides, your own take on the issue will look much more solid. In most other aspects writing about animal testing is similar to writing about any other topic – you have to gather facts and arguments in favor of your point of view and present them in logical order. Try to look at your essay from the position of your possible opponent: which points seem to be weak, where your argumentation leaves much to be desired, what else you should add or delete. Pay attention to details, and your essay is sure to be well-received.

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