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The Learning and Teaching Uni has a number of resources specifically addressing the practice of reflection, as well as an item on reflective journals in its Assessment study guide series.

Journals are useful learning tools in a variety of adult education settings.

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AONE Nurse Leader/Manager Skills and Behaviors
1. Financial Management
2. Human Resource Management
3. Performance Improvement
4. Foundational Thinking Skills
5. Technology
6. Strategic Management
7. Appropriate Clinical Practice Knowledge
8. Diversity
9. Shared Decision Making
10. Personal and Professional Accountability
11. Career Planning
12. Personal Journey Disciplines
13. Reflective Practice
Course Learning Outcomes:
1. Appraise data from a selected patient care microsystem assessment
2. Design an evidence-based theoretically informed proposal and treatment plan for quality improvement project.

Note: Names have been changed in excerpts from Reflection Journals to protect confidentiality.

Each student is expected to write a weekly journal entry of approximately one typed A4 page. Students are asked to reflect on their responses to each of the eight readings.

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The good thing about a journal or reflective assignment is that there is no one right answer as each person will have different responses. The important thing is that your reflection links the material you are studying to yourself and the real world in some way.

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Reflecting on my positive experience in WRD103, I can easily see how I’ve grown both as a writer and a thinker. My development does not stop here though. During the past ten weeks I have just taken the first steps as an intellectually engaged writer; as I continue to write, whether for academic essays, musical reflections, or personal thinking, the qualities of writing I’ve developed will continue to grow and influence my thoughts. Writing in WRD103 is only the beginning of what I hope to be a fantastic experience for the development my personal ideas and educational aspirations.

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Revise and edit your reflective assignment as you would any other. Check for repetition: remove unnecessary examples; also remove information about yourself that is not relevant; if you are reflecting on a placement remember to consider people's privacy and remove personal details about other people.

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2. The second entry in the journal requires you to reflect on why it is important to think about career planning in your first year at university.
• The experience of filling in the careers workbook will provide a reference point for this reflection entry.
• Chapter 9 of the textbook may also be useful.
3. The third entry in the journal requires you to reflect on the relevance of ethics in your future professional life. For this entry you may use the following source as an anchor to guide your reflection. It is available in the eReadings.

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1. The first entry in the reflective journal requires you to reflect on the role of activists in achieving social and environmental sustainability. For this entry you may use the following sources as anchors to guide your reflection. They are all available in e-readings.
Swartz, J 2010, ‘Timberland’s CEO on standing up to 65,000 angry activists’, Harvard Business Review, vol. 88, no. 9, pp. 39-43.
Sandhu, S 2010, ‘Shifting paradigms in corporate environmentalism: From poachers to gamekeepers’, Business and Society Review, vol. 115, no. 3, pp. 285-310.