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Do you have a personal philosophy of education which you would like to share? If so, .

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This is especially true for second language education, where a multitude of theories exist for language teaching (see Celce-Murcia, 1991) and language learning (see Lightbown & Spada, 1993).

In my own personal philosophy of teaching, I believe that it is important to be consciously aware of the theory behind what I teach and the way that I teach.

This paper is a reflection of my personal educational philosophy and teaching ideas.

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As with any writing, take the time to outline your ideas before you begin. The following tips can help you craft your teaching philosophy statement:

Each new course, reading, and discussion has potential to influence my philosophy of teaching.

During this course I have been able to learn more about the subject and have been able to develop an idea of my own philosophy towards early childhood education and care.

My past readings and teaching experiences have strengthened my personal philosophy of education.

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One manifestation of this teaching philosophy is action research, a structured and purposeful form of self-evaluation, in which the teacher identifies a problem in the classroom, conducts small-scale research within the classroom, and then makes changes in the classroom aimed at correcting the problem (see Richards & Lockhart, 1996; Crookes, 1993).

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As a part of my personal philosophy, I strive to make the concepts of whole language a more explicit aspect of my critical approach to teaching.

Somewhat absent from the second language literature that I have been exposed to is the contribution that creativity makes to the learning process.

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Hence, I have realized the importance of reflecting on my own classroom technique to see if it is consistent with my theoretical decisions and how it fits into my personal philosophy of teaching.

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I try to do this by including some of my expectations in my syllabus, by discussing my personal thoughts with my students, and by providing an example of my philosophy to my students in the way that I interact with them.

Rapport is an important aspect of classroom pedagogy that I believe has more to do with people-management skills than to teaching specifically.

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Critical pedagogy may be described as a philosophy of teaching that deeply examines and attempts to understand the complex interaction between teaching and learning, with an explicit aim of transforming both the immediate and extended social setting (Wink, 2000).

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I feel that by structuring my lessons I this way, I am helping my students acquire the secondary discourse of American higher education, as discussed by Gee (1996), and thereby providing my students with greater access to the language of power (Delpit, 1998).

Critical pedagogy
Having presented my primary philosophical persuasion regarding education, I will briefly discuss critical pedagogy, which is another teaching theory that interests me and is also in line with social constructivist thought.