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Having your individual personal essays published in literary journals is key to  some day!

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Ploughshares Website From the Editor Ploughshares has published quality literature since 1971. Best known for our award-winning Ploughshares literary journal, we also publish Ploughshares Solos, digital-first long stories and essays, and a lively literary blog. Since 1989, we have been…

Because this student needed to think about what kind of “personal essays” she was writing.

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A piece set in a particular location may be perfect for a regional magazine.

In a personal essay, the writer recounts his or her personal experiences or opinions. In an academic essay, the writer’s personal journey does not typically play a large part in the narrative (or plot line).

Pays $1,000-$1,500.   Publishes personal essays (650 words) in the magazine’s YOU section.

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It was one I’d heard before, and thought about from time to time myself, and it remained with me long after our class had ended.

My student wanted to know where she could try placing her personal essays, beyond the literary journals and reviews that emphasize and/or welcome “creative nonfiction” while often accepting a painfully small percentage of the work offered to them.

At first I advised this student not to give up on the literary magazines, and to think also about some “general interest” publications, such as the Sunday magazine supplements to major newspapers.

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Week 1: The Ground Rules of Memoir (and when to break them)
In this first week we’ll consider some of the questions that commonly arise while writing personal essays: What should you do when you can’t remember certain details from your past? How do you handle conflicting reports of the same event? How much can you embellish before your nonfiction becomes fiction? We’ll also discuss some practicalities, such as how to create a personal writing schedule and how to choose an essay topic for the class. Participants will complete a short writing assignment to share with the class.

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But you can also do this kind of research on your own. Spend time at the library or on the Web to determine which magazines are right for you, then send out your work regularly. Expect rejections and strive for acceptances. Although the odds may seem staggering, we see writers’ work being accepted all the time!

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While literary and general interest publications receive a broad range of material, other ‘niche’ publications can truly offer a specific, tailored home for specific, tailored pieces.

For example, an essay that's focused on family life may find a home in a parenting publication.