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Also, not all software in the market are designed to run on Mac OS, although most newer software and applications are compatible with both Windows and Mac.

This is mainly because certain advanced editing and designing software used in these fields are compatible on machines running the Mac OS.

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Personal computers are very vulnerable to these attacks, as they are the most widely used computing machines, and their many loopholes have been exposed and exploited by hackers and the many viruses on the prowl.

Security is one area that Apple has always flaunted as one of the biggest strengths of the iMac.

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Another feature of the personal computer is the fact that you can choose to have two operating systems on it (two versions of Windows), or if you really want, you can even configure it to have Microsoft Windows and Apple OS on board, although it would be a bit more complicated to set up.

The iMac runs the much acclaimed Apple proprietary, Mac OS.

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The newer versions of Windows, ironically, take a leaf out of their supposed complicated-to-use-rival, the Mac OS, and are even more fine-tuned to try to enhance the entire user experience, with a more polished look.

Till the introduction of the Macintosh, which was a totally new breed of computing machines, all computers in the market were always seen as big ugly pieces of equipment.

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The Mac is at a much lesser risk of being under attack from malicious software and hackers because of its security features.

The fact that personal computers have been in the market even before the whole idea of the Macs was conceived, gave them a huge and almost unassailable lead.

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For the affluent class, their iMacs are their status symbols, although the scenario has changed quite a bit lately.

With production costs coming down drastically, and a lot more players entering the PC manufacturing industry, you can get yourself a computer with a decent configuration for lesser than a basic television set.

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Computers no longer seem to be a luxury but instead have become an essential part of daily life for people.

Most people will shout out "Highway robbery", the moment they hear the mention of Apple, and sadly, the iMac does little to change this notion.

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But the fact remains that once you've had a 'bite' of an Apple, you just can't seem to have enough of it, of course, that is if you can afford it.

Over the years, personal computers and Macs have learned to co-exist, with one being hugely popular with the masses and the other still choosing to cater to a niche group of users.