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Despite the fact that paying college athletes is banned some of them still get paid anyway.

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Paying football and basketball players will not ruin college sports or cost them to become “subcontractors.” Indeed, the way big-time college sports are going, paying the players may be the only way to save them (Nocera “Let’s Start Paying College Athletes”).The NCAA for instance is taking advantage of college athletes that sign to a certain college or university....

Paying college athletes could also cause the student to have poor money management....

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Families paying for higher education require comprehensive financial aid strategies that draw from all available resources to meet expenses. The administers a range of student assistance programs that brings college within reach for most degree seekers. , for example, provide low-interest financing options that allow students to borrow at competitive rates. Government-backed loans are key resources, but money borrowed for college eventually requires repayment. To avoid student debt, use academic and athletic excellence to land gift-aid scholarships that leave you free and clear after graduation.

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Time Magazine represented Johny Manziel an important role player for the argument of paying college athletes on the front cover to correlate with the main Time to Start Paying College Athletes

Paying Division One Athletes - College Sports: Paying Division One Athletes ...

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From that point on athletes, coaches, and college administrators have brought forward points agreeing or disagreeing with the notion of paying college students.

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Should college athletes be paid argumentative essay

In October of 2011 NCAA Division I Board of Directors passed legislation that would have allowed colleges to pay their student athletes a stipend of $2,000 dollars on top of their scholarships....

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Not only are these college athletes receiving an abundant amount of opportunities by being selected to play on their school’s teams, they are also already receiving scholarships, the payments would not be fair to all...

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