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Eliminating sales and property taxes would act as a buffer against recessions. Under the current tax system, if this essay’s hypothetical middle-class Smiths both lost their jobs, they still need to pay property and sales taxes, about $6500 annually. With those two regressive taxes eliminated they would have an extra $6500 in their pockets. It would reduce their monthly mortgage check (which includes payment into a property tax escrow account) by 30%. This would reduce their hardship substantially, might keep them out of foreclosure, and might sustain them until they find new jobs. It might allow them maintain their health insurance and thereby avoid the risking financial calamity from injury or illness. Further, they and families like them would not need to cut their consumption as much. This could help keep a slowing economy from spiraling into a deeper recession. Periods of increased unemployment would be mild and infrequent.

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The real estate property tax, the only significant levy approximating a wealth tax in the United States, is an irrational, often unfair, and generally regressive way of taxing wealth. It is a vestige of an agrarian time when almost all of a household’s wealth was in its real estate holdings. As shown above in the example of our hypothetical families, the real estate tax is levied on many times the net worth of most families, but a generally a small fraction of the net worth of the very wealthy. Further, taxing the full market value of a home, rather than a family’s equity in it, places a disproportionate tax burden on young families attempting to gain a financial foothold. Farmers pay a large property tax on their land (their property on which they make money), while investors, pay no tax on their net-worth (their property on which they make money). Finally, the property tax does not change when there is a sudden change in a family’s ability to pay. Should both the Smiths of this essay become unemployed, their total annual tax bill would still be about $7500, 80% of which is the property tax on their home.

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