This essay explores some of the more salient manifestations, ..

 — Harold Bloom. After some anti-PC rants, 26 rich essays on some of the West's greatest books.

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- That afternoon I spontaneously proposed to Daphne while on a nature hike in the Malibu canyons. Having reached the crest of a particularly steep hill, I happened to look up into the air and spot a sky-writing plane adding the finishing touches to the question WILL U MARRY ME?

They are not recommended to the faint of heart, the prude, the morally righteous or theHollywood aficionado.

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— Thomas Pynchon. "Gravity's Rainbow: The V-2 Rocket Cartel as Multinational Corporate Conspiracy". At its center, Pynchon's great novel shows us the nature of corporate power during World War II.

This week, GQ published a brief essay endorsing the idea of location sharing in relationships

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I find it staggering how undervalued Sydney cemeteries are. This field guide aims to change that. I wrote this guide to share with readers the unique qualities of Sydney’s cemeteries. If you are not driven by family history to visit a cemetery, it can sometimes be difficult to know where to start looking when you get to a cemetery. Each cemetery is presented to the reader as a chatty assessment of its qualities: the landscape, the memorials, the history. The idea is to encourage readers to get out and visit the cemeteries. Through the field guide people can discover how to ‘read’ cemetery memorials and the landscape, thereby increasing their enjoyment of cemeteries and their heritage values.

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By tradition, literary fiction tends to be serious—and static. A valuable area of improvement for literary writers is making their writing vibrant with motion—full of energy that is transferred from page to reader. Action! And all of this action in writing comes from word choice, well-constructed sentences and paragraphs, and from clear transfer of ideas that avoid obscurity. Then, a story has action in all of its elements and momentum.

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It is particularly useful in description of settings, or any narrative in a story, to choose nouns that have energy. When possible, image nouns should be concrete (hawk) rather than abstract (object). At times, no choice may be available, but when it is, make the choice contribute to story imagery and momentum. Here are nouns that have different energies.

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Congratulations to Hayley Long, who has been awarded the Mal Peet Children’s Book Award at the 2017 East Anglian Book Awards for her heart-breaking new novel, The Nearest Faraway Place. Published by Hot Key Books in July, the novel tells the powerful story of the love between two brothers, Griff and Dylan, in the aftermath […]

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Research was undertaken at the State Library of NSW and the Society of Australian Genealogists, as well as online utilising digitised newspaper on Trove, for each cemetery, drawing upon the many cemetery transcriptions and histories recorded by family history societies. This book would not have been possibly without the extraordinary work and commitment by so many historical societies and family history groups to document our history and heritage of our cemeteries. The resources included at the end of each cemetery entry in the book point readers to where they can find out more about a particular cemetery. This list highlights the amazing contribution of these groups. These resources are also combined in a comprehensive bibliography which is published as a public Trove list:

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Back-story (anything that happened before story start), by its time relation to a story, affects, and often stops story-present momentum. The basic rule? backstory must advance front story. To check, always ask what a particular backstory does for the front story. Answers might include: it provides needed characterization, is necessary for exposition, explains motivation, it helps move the plot, it clarifies motive for plot action, and others. But in the good story, there is almost always a better–and more effective–way to provide for the reader than using backstory that stops story momentum.