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The editor of a book of Nabokov criticism states that PaleFire excited as diverse criticism as any of Nabokov'snovels. 's reviewwas extremely laudatory; the Vintage edition excerpts it on thefront cover. Shetried to explicate hidden references and connections. responded by saying the book was "unreadable" andboth it and McCarthy's review were as pedantic as Kinbote., like McCarthy, extolled the book, whilecondemned it as "a total wreck".

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This triple paradox in Mr. Washington's position is the object of criticism by two classes of colored Americans. One class is spiritually descended from Toussaint the Savior, through Gabriel, Vesey, and Turner, and they represent the attitude of revolt and revenge; they hate the white South blindly and distrust the white race generally, and so far as they agree on definite action, think that the Negro's only hope lies in emigration beyond the borders of the United States. And yet, by the irony of fate, nothing has more effectually made this programme seem hopeless than the recent course of the United States toward weaker and darker peoples in the West Indies, Hawaii, and the Philippines,--for where in the world may we go and be safe from lying and brute force?

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Pale Fire (1962) is a by . The novel ispresented as a poem titled "Pale Fire" with commentary by a friendof the poet's. Together these elements form a narrative in whichboth authors are central characters. Pale Fire has spawneda wide variety of interpretations and a large body of writtencriticism. The Nabokov authority has called it "Nabokov's mostperfect novel".

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Ostensibly, the book is a discussion by Charles Kinbote, an academic and critic, of a poem also called Pale Fire by the Frost-like poet John Shade. In the foreword Kinbote explains the role of the artist, whose efforts are meager and vain until the critic shows up to bring them to life:

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Many of the drawings — collected in titled after that first etching, cowritten by Gucwa and reporter James Ehmann — actually do somewhat resemble corporeal entities: a butterfly, a bird, a person. This is likely happenstance, though; by and large the drawings are much more emotionally than rationally expressive. Be that as it may, clearly there was something in Siri’s inner life she felt compelled to bring forth. The question of what to make of it is a revealing example of the cryptic expanse between the intent of the artist and the significance to viewers.