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PRIDE: Ozymandias is proud of what he has achieved and commands respect from others.

Irony in Ozymandias by Percy Bysshe Shelley Essay - …

Lawrence -------------Piano-----------------------1918
Li-Young Lee ------I ask my mother to sing------------1986
Sharon Olds --------Rites of Passage -------------------1983
Percy Bysshe Shelley --------- Ozymandias -------------1818

POWER: The power of time has ruined Ozymandias, both in life and his statue.

Ozymandias, the Greek name for Ramses II, ..

Ask students to decide if they agree with H.G Wells’ quote, firstly in general and then in light of the poems, Ozymandias, and Storm on the Island. Students should use ideas, themes and textual references in response to the quotation.

Compare how poets present attitudes to power and conflict in Ozymandias and one other poem.

Read the poem, Ozymandias. The speaker of the poem meets a traveller who tells him about a statue standing in the desert. The statue, Ozymandias, was a king (other name Ramesses II - a ruler of Ancient Egypt). According to the inscription on the base, he was proud and arrogant. However, the statue has crumbled away so only ruins remain. Check vocabulary understanding: antique, visage, colossal, and any other word the students may question.

Advanced Question: “Ozymandias is and remains a powerful ruler”. How far and in what ways would you agree?