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The essayists address two fundamental questions: how has religion shaped our understanding of and our conduct towards nature and how has the environmental crisis challenged and transformed modern theology and spiritual practice?” The contributions of nature writers set the stage for the collection in Part 1; Part 2 examines the perspective of traditional religion toward the environment.

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They also reward and recognize the effort that many students take to overcome obstacles in pursuit of their education. There are scholarships available for students that suffer from mental, physical, health-related, students with learning disabilities and students with hearing and visual impairments.

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If the difference between getting a scholarship or not is what sets you apart from the rest, then you need to identify your unique aspects. You can find a lot of scholarships by going after the different things that make you who you are. While being a woman and returning to school after a number of years qualifies you for scholarships, you can dig deeper and find more scholarships that are focused on helping women return to school after overcoming other obstacles.

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You’re daughter sounds absolutely wonderful. I have dealt with anxiety and major depression and they are no easy obstacles to overcome. She reminds me a lot of myself, I’ve always wanted to go to college for video game design. You are an amazing mother for being so supportive of her, always encourage her to follow her dreams and hopefully one day I can play one of her games 🙂

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Living with cancer is difficult for anyone. It is exceptionally difficult for high school and college students. These awards help students attain their dream of an education and reduce the financial burden that a post-secondary education can create. The scholarships applaud the students that do not let this obstacle prevent them from seeking their dreams.

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Thank you for helping me find a place to start. My daughter suffers from Bipolar, depression, severe anxiety and social anxiety and although she always excelled in school and that became an escape for her, when she started going through puberty, her social anxiety shot through the roof. She spent the next 3 years home bound.I home schooled her for those 3 years and worked with numerous therapists and specialists. This past August she completed her HiSet tests and is now looking at college. She is an amazing artist and wants to go to school for video game design and animation. After being a single mom for most of her life that dealt with ALL the medical expenses alone (insurance, appointments, treatments, hospital stays, meds etc) I don’t have much left for college. She has big dreams and is finally in place where she is ready to move forward in life. She has worked really hard to get to where she is and has overcome more obstacles in her short 17 years than most people have to deal with in a life time and I hate that finances might be the reason she can’t chase her dream. I am going to keep looking and applying for everything, if anyone finds anything else, please let me know! Thanks so much!