After 9/11 there were more promotions seen within the government.

I do not thing that two leaders can be pinpointedand blamed for destroying the  in our government.

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Mark Brittingham (aka WildMonk) has written an excellent on the roots of this doctrine in Rousseau and the post-Enlightenment Romantics. It has elsewhere been analyzed and labeled as . The Soviets didn’t invent it, but they promoted it heavily in a deliberate — and appallingly successful — attempt to weaken the Lockean, individualist tradition that underlies classical liberalism and the U.S. Constitution. The reduction of Western politics to a bitter war for government favor between ascriptive identity groups is exactly the outcome the Soviets wanted and worked hard to arrange.

Some monies are used to help government officials with their campaigns.

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If I were president, I’d de-classify everything except the instruction manuals for weapons (which means classifying some things not now classified). And the names of our intelligence operatives and some of our methods. But other than that, let’s let it all out and discuss it. Let’s have a truly open and respectful debate about what to do next. What are we doing wrong and what are we doing right? Let’s finally live up to our ideals of freedom and openness and responsible government. Let’s show the terrorists that they cannot defeat us, they cannot trick us into giving up our basic values or principles.

Guess what, the republicans and the democrats from congress have been doing something about it.

Are you *ever* going to start talking about something involving content? It seems to me you just snip all the content out (possibly because you don’t know that much about it) and focus on one or two minor areas where you think you can score some hairsplitting rhetorical points. VERY BORING, hth.

It happened all over the world so there were a lot of the things about the government.

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If you ask me what a culture should be, Native American or otherwise, I say it should be non-normotic or even anti-normotic, the normotic model of course being not only monstrous but unsustainable and due for imminent collapse. So no, I don’t necessarily think they should live exactly as they did in 1491, but I do think they lost (or ) something precious which they may not be able to get back. See, I can talk about what a culture should be like till the cows come home, but it doesn’t look like there’s anything substantive we can do to get the camel out of our collective tent. We simply have to build our social-structures to exist independently of, and resist, the omnipresent top-down hegemonic ones and hope the blowback doesn’t kill us when the collapse comes.

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Eric’s an interesting character because he’s come into contact with what may be genuine practice of consciousness; and yet he has materially benefited enough from the hegemonic structure as to identify with it (“the terrorists want to destroy my civilization”) and give loud and vocal support to its continuation; specifically its most monstrous recent instantiation in the form of the Bush regime. It is unfortunate that this POV is very, very tempting for most Americans, even myself, to hold. I still want to be on your and Eric’s side in this; unfortunately, after having discovered a few key bits about American and Western history, I cannot be.

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Only if I’m totally wrong (yes guys, I *already know* you think I am) about the energy situation. I reckon America could turn into a really mean place in a contracting world economy, what with the expectations they tend to have, even though they’ll still have huge resources.

say about the expanded role of our modern government?

HUH!? What might have started to result in something? And WTF does it have to do with the… wait, what anti-immigration thing are you talking about anyway?