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Our day out The play our day out, by Willy Russell was written during the 1970's

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Wow, Mr Russell, my friends and I just went to see Blood Bros (the play) at the studio in the Concordia. Wow. I had shared your poem, I Wish I was Our Sammy, with several nearly 8 year old boys, who loved it as much as I do, and maybe grew to think poetry can be wonderful; and I always wanted to see the play. Wow, I was not disappointed. It was so powerful, and the New Theatre Players' acting was very good, particularly the twin who stays at home. I like to think you would be proud of them! In richer days I have seen a lot of theatre, and this rated amongst the highlights. It was highly topical, which make it all the more powerful. The fact that you only licence it for studio productions, and the way you apparently sent good luck cards to all the players (I chatted with the bar staff- everyone felt the play was more than just another production, it seemed) - it all made me feel the reality of the experience, that you were there with us and shared our experience as the audience. Nowadays, theatre seems to be more about raking in the money from rich people than sharing experience with everybody. So it was a special day for us - we came away in an altered state and just talked till late. Thank you. I will make sure I don't wait so long before I see the next production by Willy Russell.

Our Day Out by Willy Russell. Notes, essay plan and S/L task - Mr. Briggs's verbal report to the Head the day after the trip.

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Debbie Wilson - Petersfield
I attended Speke Comprehensive in the 70s, and was Girl 1 in the BBC TV adaptation of Our Day Out. However, I know that Willy Russell has said that a documentary on the 'making of Our Day Out' would have been interesting, (which I would agree with). However, has anybody ever considered a 'whatever happened to the kids of Our Day Out' follow up? and whether the young people who were involved in the film, upon reflection, feel that the experience had any impact on their lives? ie, did knowing something else make them aspire to something else?
I am a Social Work Teacher.

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"Our Day Out" The play "Our Day Out" by WillyRussellraised many questions about education, school trips, and how teachers react to different and less able kids.

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