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The concept of organizational climate (distinct but related to organizational culture) might help us evaluate theory X and Y. Organizational climate, based on individual’s attitudes measures whether or not the expectations, what is it like to work in an agency, are met. Theory X and theory Y are expressions of different organizational cultures. Theory x presumes employees as inherently lazy leads to attitudes and behaviors favoring tight control. Theory y presumes employees positively disposed to work and personal growth generates attitudes and behaviors favoring autonomy and self direction. Climate relates to the measure of employee acceptance of the prevailing theory x culture. If many employees enter the organization with theory Y values, a ‘climate’ problem is likely to develop “Because the employees do not share the dominant organizational culture values” (Vasu et al, p.270).

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Theories and the field of organizational behavior study are closely connected with psychology and sociology which help to define and analyze the main elements and concepts of organizational behavior. Micro theory in organizational behavior deals with the behaviors and nature of individuals and small groups in organizations. It has been strongly influenced by psychology, and many theorists of this kind were originally trained in that field. Contrast instance, macro theory focuses on the behavior and nature of organizations, not of individuals and groups. Parts of the organization may be of concern as well, and so may the environment surrounding the organization (Sims, 2002).

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Ethics are translation or moral principles into codes of conduct (e.g. rules and policies) that defines right or wrong behavior. The level of ethical conduct of an organization depends on management’s concern for ethical issues as well as from the employees’ own ethical behavior. Additional factors that influence business ethics are cultural and legal aspects and the general and specific stage of moral development. Google puts its ethical standards at a very high priority. For example, the company engages in various Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs and uses its influence as a means for promoting environmental issues; or, in their own words, “You can make money without doing evil.”

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It is crucial to replace intuition with systemic study in order to acrid mistakes and pitfall based unprofessional judgments and decision-making. Systemic study helps to define and choose the tactical level which is the development of specific means for achieving the strategy. It is the formulation of specific, concrete goals and objectives to help the organization reach its chosen destination. Planning at this level is analogous to determining which highways will provide the most direct and easily traveled route to the destination. Intuition replaces by systemic study might be carried out by top and middle managers in a larger organization where several levels of management exist (Marsden, 1999). Planning at this level is often thought of as the responsibility of lower-level managers within a more complex organizational structure. Without clear vision of goals and objectives, roadmap, and reliable transportation, chances of a good result are greatly reduced. Strategic planning is a means whereby staff can closely examine options and attempt to develop a concrete, workable map to follow. Unlike intuition, systemic study addresses complex issues and extends into organization’s future, recognizing that realistically, not all of your goals can be developed and achieved in a one-year period. The systemic study, then, will be the guiding force behind the development of annual goals and objectives for the next several years. Strategic planning tends to be market oriented (Beardwell et al 2004).