In the cause of architecture, Frank Lloyd Wright: essays

As is common in Wright's interiors, the centre of this space is the fireplace.

of democracy and on the organic nature of the true architecture

However, Renwick's preference for Continental prototypes (see for example restorations by the French architect )was in marked contrast to many other architects of the period, who used English models, in conjunction with the recommendations of the eminent art critic (1819-1900).

His training had taken place before the international style had taken root in the United States.

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The Water and Soil Resources bachelor’s degree in Forest Resources (B.S.F.R.) at UGA emphasizes assessment, conservation, and rehabilitation of the natural landscape – its soil, water, wetland, and endangered species.

John Clarke, a senior triple major in Finance, International Business, and Management Information Systems, found time for one more opportunity.

The General emphasis prepares for instruction of mild disability pre-K through grade 12 students. This emphasis is offered fully online or at the UGA Griffin location. The curriculum builds critical knowledge and skills in general special education. Students receive comprehensive practicum experience in elementary, middle school, and high school grade levels, culminating in a student teaching placement of their choice.

The home of Congress - the US Senate and House of Representatives - it was designed by William Thornton, Benjamin Latrobe and Charles Bulfinch.

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The Political Science major at the University of Georgia offers students a thorough understanding of politics through courses in Political Theory & Methods (e.g. legal theory, philosophy, contemporary political thought, economics); American Studies (e.g. public administration, democracy, state politics, criminal procedure); Global Studies (e.g. international conflict, public opinion, human rights); and others. A legislative, lobbying, campaign, federal, state, or local government internship supplements classroom learning; the is a popular choice for students seeking internships and field experience.


Political Science develops strong analytical, problem-solving, writing, and oral communication skills useful in future careers in public service, campaigning, lobbying, and various management positions in the private sector. Graduates also pursue further education in law, public administration, and education.

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''At the undergraduate level, I enjoy contributing to BIOL 1108, 'Principles of Plant Biology II' for biology majors, because it provides the opportunity to interact with a lot of students early in their academic careers. An understanding of ecological and evolutionary relationships helps explain the patterns that we see in the natural world. It also has the potential to help us mitigate the effects of global climate change.''

“The ideal of an organic architecture ..

Lisa Donovan, Professor of Plant Biology in the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences, helps students gain a better understanding of the natural world.

The Distinct Organic Architecture Style of Bruce Goff | …

Students take courses in logic, history, culture, language, and ethics to develop critical thinking and inquiry skills, evaluate basic assumptions, analyze concepts and experience, and construct and assess arguments. A major portfolio containing the student’s best written work and other requirements completes the degree.