especially when facing the opposition of the Senate

In return for political support in his opposition to the interests of Pompey.

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in South Africa commissioned a print advertising campaign to mark National Women’s Day, a public holiday commemorating the 9th of August 1956 when 20,000 South African women of all races marched on the Union Buildings in Pretoria. The protest was designed to express opposition to the Urban Areas Act, commonly known as the Pass Laws, legislation that required ‘non-whites’ to carry a document known as the Dom Pas which would allow them to move around, or live in ‘White South Africa’.

Opposition to Augustus Augustus' building programs:forum Augustum, essay 1: How did Augustus succeed in establishing lasting control over the Roman state.

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Charles August Lindbergh was born in Stockholm, Sweden on January 20, 1859, the eldest of the seven children of August and Louise Lindbergh. Charles Lindbergh graduated from the University of Michigan Law School in 1883. Following his graduation he practiced law in Little Falls, Minnesota until 1909 when he was elected to Congress from the sixth congressional district. He held this seat through 1916. Lindbergh was elected on the Republican ticket and soon became one of the leaders of the progressive Republicans in Congress. His activities as a member of this group included the attempt to unseat Joseph Cannon as Speaker of the House; the investigation of the "money trust"; opposition to the reciprocal trade policies of the Taft administration; and opposition to the Wilson adminstration's attempts to aid the allies during the first years of World War I. Lindbergh's main concern, however, was the monetary policies of both Republican and Democratic administrations.

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He founded a city, , opposite , to augment the glory of his victory and perpetuate its memory. He also established the celebration of Games there every five years, enlarged the temple of at Actium, and adorned the site of his camp there with trophies of the naval victory, consecrating it to and .

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