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In this essay, doesn’t one have to discuss the cons too before giving an opinion

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Everybody should first make a plan that how he/she should implement the idea which he/she had got in his/her dream the one should apply it in one’s life.

Mellie writes an opinion essay for her teacher, Mr. Eagle. But will her essay convince her parents to get the cat of her dreams?

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A second proposal for using dreaming as a research model inconsciousness research is defended by Revonsuo. Unlike Churchland, heassumes that the structure of phenomenal experience is deeply similarin dreaming and in wakefulness. Based on his review of the scientificliterature, he argues that

So, in my opinion one should try to implement on the dream what it says because it always provides the best idea.

An evolutionary perspective can also be fruitfully applied to thespecific phenomenology of dreaming. According to the vigilancehypothesis, natural selection disfavored the occurrence of thosetypes of sensations during sleep that would compromise vigilance(Symons 1993). Hallucinatory sounds, but also smells or pains would,according to Symons, distract attention from the potentiallydangerous surroundings of the sleeping subject. Consequently, thevigilance hypothesis predicts that they only rarely occur in dreamswithout causing awakening. By contrast, because most mammals sleepwith their eyes closed and in an immobile position, vivid visual andmovement hallucinations during sleep do not comprise vigilance andthus can occur in dreams without endangering the sleeping subject. Ifthis is correct, then focusing on the stuff dreams are notmade of may be at least as important for understanding the function ofdreaming as developing a positive account.

I will focus on Sigmund Freud’s idea that understanding our dreams can help us to understand ourselves, and live a much happier and fulfilled life....

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In opinion essay is it ok to write like this:
While some people believe …, others hold that…, agreeing with the latter view, this opinion will be supported in the essay.

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Coincidence has it that William Burton after his apprenticeship as a printer joined the Norwich circuit of theatres in 1824 and remained there seven years, playing an extensive range of characters; Abington was to become manager of the Norwich circuit and lessee of the Norwich Theatre from 1845 to 1848. When Burton arrived in America in early August 1834, he could not yet have purchased Abington’s book as a full edition. Indeed, I know of no other instance in which the dream fragment was published in American magazines or newspapers, or in any review of the book. Copies of the book are still rare in the United States, but it is not impossible that Burton, as a known book collector, received it from a friend sometime between 1835 and 1839. The book, however, has not been found among the items from Burton’s voluminous library, auctioned in October 1860. See Burton’s obituary in Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper, 25 February 1860. Also see Bibliotheca dramatica. Catalogue of the theatrical and miscellaneous library of the late William E. Burton, the distinguished comedian, comprising an immense assemblage of books relating to the stage. … To be sold at auction by J. Sabin & Co. … October 8, 1860, and following days (New York: J. Sabin, 1860); and Michael Blackwell, Carole Blackwell, and Harriet Walter, The Norwich Theatre Royal: The First 250 Years, (Norwich: Connaught Books, 2007).

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I’m so confused now. My IELTS teacher (she used to be an IELTS examiner) told me there should not be any personal pronounce in opinion essay, especially if I’m aiming for high score in writing.

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Dreams and dreaming have been topics of philosophical inquirysince antiquity. Historically, the topic of dreaming has mostly beendiscussed in the context of external world skepticism. As famouslysuggested by Descartes, dreams pose a threat towards knowledge becauseit seems impossible to rule out, at any given moment, that one is nowdreaming. Since the 20th century, philosophical interest indreaming has increasingly shifted towards questions related tophilosophy of mind. What exactly does it mean to say that dreams areconscious experiences during sleep? Do dreams have duration, or arethey the product of instantaneous memory insertion at the moment ofawakening? Should dreams be described as hallucinations or illusionsoccurring in sleep, or should they rather be described as imaginativeexperiences? Do dreams involve real beliefs? And what is therelationship between dreaming and self-consciousness?