Spanking is one form of physical or corporal punishment (Epoch 1)....

Corporal punishment still stands as an everyday approach to ensuring discipline for the children.

A Florida school board discusses abolishing corporal punishment.

In theory, rehabilitation works, unfortunately as there are objectors to punishment of the corporal kind as there are objectors to the practice of rehabilitation....

As you might guess, the Greens oppose the use of corporal punishment.

In South Africa however, although corporal punishment has been outlawed since the drawing up of the South African Schools Act in 1996, there is evidence collected in recent years that revealing that the practice is still prevalent in local schools to this day....

A website in the form of a blog by (or so it is claimed) a group of elementary school teachers in the south who defend their use of corporal punishment. Curiously, however, they do not favor the use of CP at secondary level. (Pretty much the opposite way round to my own views, as it happens.)


2. It shows that black students receive ALL forms of punishment disproportionately to their share of the population, so, if there is a problem here at all, it certainly is not anything to do with corporal punishment , as anti-CP activists often try to suggest. (Unconscious racial stereotyping by teachers seems a likely reason; another possible explanation might simply be that black kids actually are, on average, naughtier than white ones. Either way, abolishing CP makes no difference.)

Why should corporal punishment not be banned?I ..

1. It makes crystal clear how completely counter-productive out-of-school suspension (OSS) often is, and one argument for paddling is that it provides the student with the punishment he requires without any of the disadvantages of OSS.

Essay On The Corporal Punishment In Schools

Corporal punishment by parental authority can only succeed as a defence if it meets these requirements, as well as having the intention to discipline or educate the child.

Corporal Punishment for Children Essay - Paper Topics

As its name implies, this paper (2003) is not about corporal punishment, which is mentioned only in passing as a statistic (paddlings constituted 5% of disciplinary actions in Kentucky schools in 2000-01).
However, it is of some interest for three reasons:

According to Global Initiative to End All Corporal Punishment ..

Reproduction of an 1884 text. Scroll a long way down to Chapter XIV. It says what I have long felt -- that "any valid arguments against corporal punishment are valid against all punishment", and there can be no government (of a school or of a state) without the possibility of punishment. Nor should CP be a last resort. "If a rude, turbulent boy can be kept in school and judiciously whipped into decent behavior, will any one say that it is not better for him, and for all concerned, than it would be to turn him into the street?"

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Three illustrated basketball articles from different sources. All of them are about two star university players, Hollis Price and Quannas White, who in the late 1990s both attended St Augustine, a strict all-boys Catholic high school in New Orleans, then "famous for its policy of corporal punishment". Price says "I don't know if there's any other school that still uses a paddle on you when you talk in class. I got it in class and on the court, everywhere." His "aching backside" taught him the value of discipline, he adds. (The school was later forced by the church authorities, amidst great controversy, to stop using CP despite its success -- see and its follows-up).
See also giving a very brief glimpse of a paddling under way at St Augustine.
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