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The beauty of the allowance system is, that when it comes out of their own pockets, the children are much more selective about their purchases. When it’s our money, they want to buy everything in sight, but when it comes out of their own allowance, they think twice before buying an item.

My kids receive $10 per month each, in addition to birthday and holiday gifts. They may also earn extra money when they do extra chores beyond their daily chores. Since we buy the basics, this gives them a nice amount of cash, especially if they manage to save. In fact, one of the best things about an allowance is that it enables kids to see very clearly that if they delay gratification for a while, those $10 will grow to $30, and combined with cash gifts they could find themselves being able to afford VERY nice items – whether clothing, accessories for their room or computer games.

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I love this post! I do not have kids yet, but I’ve already been planning how to my future kids so they will become financially independent as early as possible. Giving them monthly allowance would be a wise step. This would help parents stay within the family budget better, and the kids learn about saving and earlier. I’ve seen many parents overspending on what their kids want, and the kids don’t even know how to take care of the stuff their parents bought for them because they don’t understand the value of money.

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The economic consequences of giving money away to stimulate consumption can be illustrated by an exaggerated example. Instead of paying once-only bonuses to favoured groups who might spend their newly gotten gains, why not simply pay every schoolchild in the country a tuckshop bonus to be spent every day at their soon-to-be-refurbished schools. Every schoolchild could receive $5 - no, make that $10 - a day, paid directly from the federal budget. As the number of school students who attend class for 40 or so weeks a year is about 2.8 million, this would amount to about $5.6 billion a year, more than half the first welfare-based stimulus package.

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The same perplexityin this instance appears to have extended to the providing for the dinner; for so sharp-setwere they, that to cut short a debate with a butcher's apprentice about leaving a leg ofmutton without the money, the cook clapped it into the pot: the butcher's boy, probablyused to such encounters, with equal coolness took it out again, and marched off with it inhis tray in triumph.

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The first choice would be to spend all the money as it came in and let someone else worry about paying higher taxes later. The problem with this option is that it would actually be them, the students, once they left school, or their parents and others who would pay the extra tax.