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Was Oliver Cromwell A Hero Or A Villain

Oliver Cromwell, a hero or a villain

To achieve a Level 4 you should:
• Say who Oliver Cromwell was based on your homework…
• Describe the things that Oliver Cromwell did.
• Suggest what happened as a result of the things Oliver Cromwell did.
• Give your opinion about whether you think Oliver Cromwell was a hero or a villain.

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Oliver Cromwell is famous primarily for his ascension to the position of Lord Protector of England after spearheading the Roundhead side of the English Civil War and disposing and executing Charles I. As King, he went on to rule the country with an iron fist according to his own Puritan beliefs, even going so far as cancelling Christmas one year, and being held responsible for the mass slaughters of both Drogheda and Wexford. He also disbanded his own Parliament on several occasions when they failed to agree with him. However, this is a very simplistic overview of Cromwell’s reign, deliberately cast in the worst possible light.

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Cromwell’s attempts to form a working Government to take on the burden of ruling of without an overseeing monarch were revolutionary, and form many of the principles of our Government today. Less democratically, Cromwell took his seat in Parliament by force, under an armed escort during Pride’s Purge in 1648. In this incident, Cromwell’s show of military force coerced many Presbyterians into withdrawing both from Parliament and their attempt to disband The New Model Army without settling soldiers’ grievances. After Pride’s Purge reduced the number of MPs, The Rump Parliament held office until 1653. This Parliament viewed itself as the lawful Parliament of the commonwealth of England and had unprecedented legislative powers. The Rump sought to abolish both the House of Lords and the Monarchy itself after the execution of the King in its endeavour to make England a Free State. By 1651, the Rump was in conflict with the Army who they saw as unduly interfering in political process.

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