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Ocr Philosophy And Ethics Essay Structure

The OCR board's Philosophy & Ethics A2 level specification emphasises the same aims and objectives as the AS level; however, as a comparison of the assessment objectives shows, much greater emphasis is placed on the evaluation of argument.

A2 Philosophy & Ethics is split into two corresponding papers:

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The OCR course teaches an analysis and evaluation of core beliefs and teachings in Christianity and Islam. Theological arguments for the existence of God, eschatology and scriptural authority are assessed as well as issues surrounding marriage, medicine, charity and censorship. The course considers the philosophical and ethical implications of faith in the modern world and the tensions encountered between secular and sacred worldviews.

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I'm a highly experienced and successful independent, online tutor for the OCR board's A-level Philosophy & Ethics.

Prior to that I taught philosophy of religion, and ethics, at the Univeristy of Oxford. I was also an external examiner for the OCR.

A frequent question I'm asked is "How do I get an A or A* at A-level?".

I've developed a for my A-level students, focused on achieving excellence in exams.

The main focus is on understanding the examiners' A01 and A02 assessment objectives, and then learning how to craft essays that meet, or even, exceed them.

This is an essay on a metaethics past paper question for the OCR exam board, ..