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The reason essays are released is enable examinees to identify deficiencies in their essays. In a 1995 bill to bill to amend the Judiciary Law, the bill stated that it is in New York State's "best interest to insure that all bar applicants are given an equal opportunity to pass the NYS Bar Examination. Disclosure of past testing materials and applicant examinations allow prospective attorneys to become aware of testing subject matter and methodology so that otherwise qualified attorneys are not defeated in their attempts to pass the bar examination." A copy of the bill is here:

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To be successful at something, a person must be in a state of continual improvement (myself included). I passed the NY bar exam in July 2005 on my first attempt () and made this site shortly thereafter. Examinees then began to send me their scores and essays. I started sending examinees a free 1-page analysis report on their scores in 2008 and it has grown to the point where I now provide failing examinees with a free of their scores and a free of their essays/MPT. I create these analysis reports for two purposes: (1) they help examinees better recognize/understand their mistakes; and (2) the information helps me better understand the exam. In 2008, I also created the prioritized MASTER outline for the essays and have of this MASTER essay outline since its inception (I regard it as bar review malpractice to not examine and report on the effectiveness of the information provided to examinees). I realize that I am very fortunate to be in a position where I get to speak with many examinees about the exam. I don’t take this for granted and I continually work on improving what I do (while cataloging everything):

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For example, I received scores from 300+ failing J15 examinees who had an average MBE score of 122 (versus the mean July scaled MBE of about 142). Their average final score was 614.6. If I convert their scores to the UBE by making their 5-essays worth 30% (instead of 40%), their MPT score worth 20% (instead of 10%) and their MBE score worth 50% (instead of 40%), then these 300+ examinees would have had an average final score of 610.6 on the UBE. This is a loss of 4 points by changing to the UBE format of scoring. Please keep in mind that this is not a perfect assessment, since MPT scores will be slightly more reliable through the answering of 2 MPTs (instead of basing the score on 1 MPT and doubling it). To cite another example, in looking at 2005-2006 NYBOLE data (this is the last time NYBOLE released comprehensive statistics on pass rates), in July 2005, Female Domestic-Educated Repeaters averaged 123.1 on the MBE while Female Foreign-Educated Repeaters averaged 118.9 on the MBE. In Feb 2006, Female Domestic-Educated Repeaters averaged 128.9 on the MBE while Female Foreign-Educated Repeaters averaged 123.2 on the MBE. Typically, the higher the MBE mean, the higher the pass rate. With the MBE carrying more weight on the UBE, the MBE’s negative effect on Foreign-Educated pass rates will be amplified. More so, the MPT will now be 20% of the score rather than 10%. The MPT is essentially a reading comprehension test where the examinees who can read and write fastest do the best. With the MPT carrying more weight on the UBE, the MPT’s negative effect on Foreign-Educated pass rates will likewise be amplified. To look at it another way, I received detailed score information from 99 examinees who sat for the Feb 2015 New York bar exam regarding their status as domestic or foreign educated. Of these 99 examinees, 39 examinees were domestic educated examinees (39.39% of the 99 examinees). These domestic educated examinees averaged 48.57 on the Essays, 49.54 on the MPT, 127.6 on the MBE, and 617.6 on the NYMC. They had an average final score of 634.2. Of these 99 examinees, 60 examinees were foreign educated examinees (60.61% of the 99 examinees). These foreign educated examinees averaged 45.95 on the Essays, 43.49 on the MPT, 119.6 on the MBE, and 629.8 on the NYMC. They had an average final score of 601.4. In looking at just the Essays (40%), MPT (10%) and MBE (40%), the domestic educated examinees scored 36.6 points more than the foreign educated examinees. The domestic educated examinees scored 11.8 points better on the Essays, 6.8 points better on the MPT and 16 points better on the MBE. This small sample supports the premise that domestic educated examinees do much better than foreign educated examinees on the MBE and MPT as opposed to the essays. In regards to the MPT, even though it is 10% of the grade, there is a 6.8 point difference. If I adjust these percentages to reflect the UBE percentages, then for the Essays (30%), MPT (20%) and MBE (50%), the domestic educated examinees will score 42.5 points more than the foreign educated examinees. This is a UBE exam bonus of 5.9 points in favor of domestic educated examinees.

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04-26-16: February 2016 results have been released. To any examinee that failed the New York bar exam, if you send me your scores or essays, I will send you a free statistical analysis of your scores/essays. Click for more information.

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For style, examinees should modify their writing style to mimic the average style of examinees. For example, if the average examinee writes four sentences per paragraph, but you write six, you should focus on writing fewer sentences per paragraph. Examinees should mimic the average style of bar examinees to minimize any disruptions to the essay grader's reading or grading process.

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With each administration, I also create an to help examinees better understand the bar exam essays/MPT. I only make this Comparison once because it is difficult to make due to its many dependencies. This Comparison examines a collection of MEEs/MPTs from an exam and looks through them for matching words in phrases (minimum of 2 words). The reports contain the document text with the matching phrases underlined. The reports also show PDFs of the two essays you selected side-by-side. Put simply, examinees learn by example - reviewing a collection of graded essays helps you better understand the MEE essays/MPTs. I believe this MEE/MPT comparison is incredibly useful to examinees. For example: