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Shortage of Physicians In Canada Essay

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The topic I chose for this assignment is the nursing shortage, particularly in canada.

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The candidates selected for this scholarship must provide their service at a health care facility with shortage of nurses for at least two years in exchange for the scholarship.

This paper is going to critical examine the nursing shortage facing Canada at present

The greatest scientists readily admitted that the theories and data of physics, that hardest of the hard sciences, drew highly limited descriptions of reality, and those scientists were usually, to one extent or another, . If textbook science falls far short of explaining reality, what can be said within its framework that is useful? Plenty. Our industrialized world is based on textbook science and feats such as putting men on the Moon were performed within the parameters of textbook science. With the waning of overspecialization and overreliance on reductionism in the last decades of the 20th century, multidisciplinary works have proliferated and will tend to dominate the references for this essay. I have found them not only very helpful for my own understanding, but they are appropriate references for a generalist essay. I have also avoided scientific terminology when feasible. For example, I use “seafloor” instead of “,” and if a non-specialized term will suffice for a scientific concept, I will often use it.

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Use no more than three quotations?rely mostly on paraphrase and summary to convey the ideas of others.

Grading rubric:

Does your topic seem appropriate for a short research essay in the field of nursing?

Is your title interesting, conveying the content of your paper?

Do you open with a one or two paragraph introduction that includes background to the topic, your thesis statement, and an essay plan that indicates how your essay is organized?

Do you use a maximum of three quotations, relying mostly on paraphrase?

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To allay the shortage of registered nurses, the U.S. Government introduced the Nursing Scholarship Program, to facilitate the needy students to complete their nurse training. The applicants for the Nursing Scholarship Program are accepted once every year.