Visiting nursing home residents can benefit both young and old

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INTRODUCTION Of nursing home staff interviewed in 2004, nearly 40% admitted to committing at least one psychologically abusive act toward a resident and 10% admitted to physically abusing a resident in the preceding year.[1] Not only are nursing home residents at risk of being abused by their caretakers but they are also at risk of being restrained, which may lead to a form of abuse.

Home health provides a wide range of health and social services delivered at home whether its medical, nursing, social, or therapeutic treatment.

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Nevada Health Centers is providing home nurse visits in Lockwood. Sign up at the Senior Center for a nurse to visit you in your home or at the Senior Center for:

The charge nurse instructed her to notify her supervisor prior to leaving the facility; however, the LPN chose not to do so and went home....

Among the common roles expected of a registered nurse is: providing patients in hospital with direct care, setting emergencies, providing care in community health arenas, home health and other places of care (Joint...

Mother’s Heart allows visitations on a daily basis as one of the nurses informed us that it was instrumental towards their recovery.

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In most nursing homes, including Cokato Manor and the Dassel Lakeside Community Home, the volunteer coordinators will try to pair up a volunteer with a resident who shares similar interests or hobbies. “We try individualizing activities for our residents,” Haefner said.

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Volunteers can help with a wide array of activities including Bingo, crafts, meals, and musical performances. The Jones Family, consisting of Bonnie, Al, Gary and Daniel, play gospel music in the Cokato Nursing Home Chapel every Thursday, and at Dassel Lakeside once a month.

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After a first visit to a nursing home, talk about what happened and how children felt. Do you think you made a difference in the lives of the residents? Why? What did you learn about older people? Do you think visiting older people is important? Why?

One of the biggest barriers to young and old coming together is often difficulties communicating. They may not know what to say to each other, feel uncomfortable, or are unsure about how to make a meaningful connection. A great introduction to communication in general is Aliki's storybook . It explores the many forms and aspects of human communication and is a good starting point for intergenerational communication. You can then read through the .

For older adults with few functional limitations, reading a picture book with a child can be a great icebreaker. Reading takes the pressure off both young and old to "entertain" each other. Other simple activities to help older adults communicate with the young include
, , and Children might want to do an interview with an older adult using pages from the or the . Teenagers can take the lead in communicating with older adults using the . The activities also have some ideas.

The above activities can form the basis for young people to enter the Legacy Project's annual . Feeling like their life story is important – important enough to enter into a contest! – can mean the world to an older adult.

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All around the world today, a population that is not able to help itself is being harmed, whether it is physical or sexual abuse, exploitation, or not being properly supervised; the elderly and nursing home residents are being abused.

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Dave Backes of Dassel used to own a Dassel bakery. It wasn’t long after he sold out that he began baking donuts and muffins on Mondays for the nursing home residents. “During the summer, I would have the kids working for me, and in the winter, the grandmas. Soon, my workers were here (Dassel Lakeside),” Backes said.