Franklin looked up to his distant cousin, Teddy Roosevelt.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt came to the presidency in 1933 focused and with a plan like never before.

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He pulled us out of the great depression, dealt with civil rights issues, created many reforms for our nation including the twenty-first amendment, handled the attack on Pearl Harbor, and handled World War Two efficiently....

(Anonymous) Opening the way for the New Deal, President Herbert Hoover was beaten by Franklin D....

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Roosevelt Thirty-Second President 1933-1945 Born: January 30, 1882 in Hyde Park, New York Died: April 12, 1945 in Warm Springs, Georgia Married to Anna Eleanor Roosevelt Franklin D.

In the1932 election for president, Hoover lost to Franklin Roosevelt, the demorcratic candidate.

Many factors contributed to this and probably the one that had the greatest effect was the 'new deal' policies of Franklin D Roosevelt's Administration.

During the election campaign Roosevelt had promised the American people a "new deal".

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It is in studying the Great Depression and President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s New Deal, that America’s most significant influential event can be found.

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UnitedStates case in which the Court declared that the NRA was unconstitutional. The NRA, in violation of the constitution’s design of the separation ofpowers, had assigned legislative powers to the Presidency that belongedalone to Congress. But also Congress’ use of the interstate commerceclause to justify the creation of the NRA program was clearly in excessof the powers allotted Congress by the Constitution. But more suchantiNew Deal decisions were to be handed down during the next year.

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Supreme Court, which assumed for itself the roleof protector of "traditional American economic views" - and shot down mostof the New Deal legislation as "unconstitutional"

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Hopkins - Secretaryof Commerce, major architect of the New Deal ...
and close personal advisorto Roosevelt

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California became the first when former-Governor Jerry Brown launched the California Conservation Corps (CCC) in 1976. By the end of the decade, conservation corps were operating in Iowa and Ohio, and during the first half of the 1980s in several other states, including Maryland, Minnesota, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Washington and Wisconsin.

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We will try, and if we decide that we are wrong, we will have to change.” --Franklin Delano Roosevelt about his promise of ‘a New Deal for the forgotten man.’ These are the words of a courageous man who demonstrated inspiration and hope to a country that had appeared to have spun out of economic control, a country in desperation.