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"Enumerating Badness" is the idea behind a huge number of security products and systems, from anti-virus to intrusion detection, intrusion prevention, application security, and "deep packet inspection" firewalls. What these programs and devices do is outsource your process of knowing what's good. Instead of you taking the time to list the 30 or so legitimate things you need to do, it's easier to pay $29.95/year to someone else who will try to maintain an exhaustive list of all the evil in the world. Except, unfortunately, your badness expert will get $29.95/year for the antivirus list, another $29.95/year for the spyware list, and you'll buy a $19.95 "personal firewall" that has application control for network applications. By the time you're done paying other people to enumerate all the malware your system could come in contact with, you'll more than double the cost of your "inexpensive" desktop operating system.

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The most recognizable form in which the "Default Permit" dumb idea manifests itself is in firewall rules. Back in the very early days of computer security, network managers would set up an internet connection and decide to secure it by turning off incoming telnet, incoming rlogin, and incoming FTP. Everything else was allowed through, hence the name "Default Permit." This put the security practitioner in an endless arms-race with the hackers. Suppose a new vulnerability is found in a service that is not blocked - now the administrators need to decide whether to deny it or not, hopefully, before they got hacked. A lot of organizations adopted "Default Permit" in the early 1990's and convinced themselves it was OK because "hackers will never bother to come after us." The 1990's, with the advent of worms, should have killed off "Default Permit" forever but it didn't. In fact, most networks today are still built around the notion of an open core with no segmentation. That's "Default Permit."

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The real question to ask is not "can we educate our users to be better at security?" it is "why do we need to educate our users at all?" In a sense, this is another special case of "Default Permit" - why are users getting executable attachments at all? Why are users expecting to get E-mails from banks where they don't have accounts? Most of the problems that are addressable through user education are self-correcting over time. As a younger generation of workers moves into the workforce, they will come pre-installed with a healthy skepticism about phishing and social engineering.

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