Psychology has long been debating the issue of Nature versus Nurture.

Nature nurture debate psychology essay Benjamin franklin essay Nature vs Nurture Cartoon

One of the themes of Frankenstein is nature versus nurture....

Daley asked a question midway through her article that tempted oneto ask a big-picture question: “So, is the spring-like behaviour of humanand animal legs an accident of nature, or a strategy to simplify thejob of the central nervous system?” The remaining paragraphs, in whichshe described the benefits of the delegating-manager strategy, suggested thelatter. She did not, however, use the word evolution anywhere in thearticle. If it is not an accident of nature, one can draw one’s ownconclusions about where strategies come from.

Nature nurture debate psychology essay Benjamin franklin essay Nature vs Nurture Cartoon

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The debate on nature versus nurture has been a mystery for years, constantly begging the question of whether human behavior, ideas, and feelings are innate or learned over time.

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Where is the heat coming from? Small bodies lose their originalheat much more quickly due to the increased ratio of surface area to volume. One participant in the Unmanned Spaceflight forum,where planetary scientists and their friends hang out, joked,“I wonder if there’s any way that Enceladus could have been impacted by anextrasolar AL26 [Aluminum-26, a short-lived radioactive isotope] mass sometime within thelast several thousand years, which could be powering a short-term period of activitywithin the moon.” Talk about an ad-hoc hypothesis. Others referred to a recent paper in Nature thatcalculated internal tidal forces in a liquid ocean like that on Europa could bemuch greater than thought. That does not explain, however, why other moons of comparableor larger size in the Saturn system are inactive.

Such questions are what leads to the great debate of nature vs nurture.

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The editors gushed over Darwin in one short article entitled,“WhyEveryone Should Learn the Theory of Evolution” as if they hadn’t alreadysince kindergarten. Charles Darwin did not think of himself as a genius. “I have no great quickness of apprehension or wit which is so remarkable in some clever men ...” he remarked in one passage of his autobiography. Fortunately for the rest of us, he was profoundly wrong in his assessment. So on February 12 the world will mark the bicentennial birthday of a scientist who holds a rightful place alongside Galileo, Copernicus, Newton and Einstein.

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The article ended with skepticism about theammonia. Not every planetary scientist accepts the interpretation ofactive eruptions on Titan. One skeptic is Emily Lakdawalla, the blogger at thePlanetary Society. Sheprovided a first-hand report from the AGU and did not find the evidence convincing. Her detailed blog report is worth visiting for the detailedradar and VIMS images of the surface. One thing that stands out in her report is a series of great questions aboutTitan posed by Jonathan Lunine, a Cassini scientist who has studied this mysteriousmoon for over two decades. Among the questions:Titan has methane in its atmosphere, which should quickly be destroyed by solar radiation. So it’s got to be replenished somehow. Is cryovolcanism responsible? Or something else?

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nurture issue debates whether the behavioral make-up of a person is determined by what they inherit through genetics, nature, or the pool of the particular environment they are submerged in, nurture....

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Update 12/20/2008:The Wall StreetJournal published an article by Tom Wright about the fight between theDarwinites and the Wallace-ites over priority and glory for the theory of natural selection.