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The following examples should better illustrate the types of scholarship programs offered by the private sector for students of Native American descent.

The following resources should be used to trace your American Indian ancestry:

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Since 1492, European explorers and settlers have tended to ignore the vast diversity of the people who had previously lived here. It soon became common to lump all such groups under the term "Indian." In the modern American world, we still do. There are certain experiences common to the survivors of these tribes. They all have had their lands compromised in some way and suffered the horrors of reservation life.

The following scholarships are offered through the Bureau of Indian Education.

Before applying for any scholarship programs dedicated to Native American students, you will have to be able to demonstrate, with acceptable documentation, that you are at least ¼ American Indian. This can be a time consuming process, but it is an absolute requirement for all scholarships dedicated to Native American students.

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Native Americans and Native Alaskans have access to an impressive array of financial aid opportunities designed to help them pursue their college and professional ambitions. Though their history within the United States has often been troubled, and the path difficult, new and enlightened attitudes have paved the way for increased understanding and improved opportunities. With the right scholarship, Native American students can now achieve their goals of a first class education and a bright and productive future.
Native American and Native Alaskan students will also want to refer to our section on.

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For additional listings, , through its African American College Access Initiative, maintains Black College Dollars, a scholarship search resource for Black students.

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In addition to the misinformation the Thanksgiving holiday has spread about Natives and Pilgrims, some indigenous peoples don’t recognize it because they give thanks year-round. During Thanksgiving 2008, Bobbi Webster of the Oneida Nation told the that the Oneida have 13 ongoing ceremonies of thanksgiving throughout the year.

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The following few examples should give students an idea of the types of scholarship programs offered by individual tribes, and by charitable foundations.

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Finally, Native American and Native Alaskan students should investigate those scholarship opportunities funded and supported by individual Tribal Nations. Many tribes support their own scholarship funds, and offer financial aid to deserving members. Students should also consider programs supported by charitable foundations and advocacy groups that are dedicated to the needs and welfare of the American Indian population. Again, like many of the scholarships available from the private sector, financial aid programs supported by the Tribal Nations and by Indian advocacy groups are often subject-specific and are designed to encourage Native American students to pursue degrees and careers in specific fields.