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Dabrowski's Mazurka was officially recognized as the national anthem in Poland in 1926.

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Thrilled by the sight of the flag and the knowledge that the fort had not fallen, Key took a letter from his pocket, and began to write some verses on the back of it. Later, after the British fleet had withdrawn, Key checked into a Baltimore hotel, and completed his poem on the defense of Fort McHenry. He then sent it to a printer for duplication on handbills, and within a few days the poem was put to the music of an old English song. Both the new song and the flag became known as "The Star-Spangled Banner."

Unknown too many Americans is there are actually four verses to our national anthem.

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The CDC’s definition of non-urgent includes such conditions as broken bones and bronchitis.

In addition, only 6.3 percent of ER visits were determined to have a diagnosis that could have been treated in a primary-care setting, the emergency physicians group said.

The organization’s Indiana chapter, based in Carmel, said it was unaware of any other insurers threatening not to cover emergency room visits.

“Anthem is the first,” said Nick Kestner, the chapter’s executive director.

In October of that year, a Baltimore actor sang Key's new song in a public performance and called it

This paper should hopefully better inform people about �The Star Spangled Banner,� our nation�s National Anthem.
To most people seems as though it took an enormous amount of time an effort of many people to write, but surprisingly there was only one author, Francis Scott Key.

A lifelong resident of central Indiana, Wall grew up in Sheridan—the one spot in Hamilton County untouched by suburbia.

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This includes horse & buggy rides, games, contest, facepainting and treasure hunting in a sand pile, The day concludes with alighted American Flag at dusk: the National Anthem and fireworks.

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Plus, the policy has several exceptions, including if the patient is under 14, there are no urgent-care clinics within 15 miles, or a medical professional (including an emergency medical technician) directs the patient to the emergency room.

Years of debate

The use of emergency rooms has been a hot topic for years.

A national study published by Indianapolis-based Truven Health Analytics in 2013 found that 71 percent of ER visits were unnecessary or could have been avoided.

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There is much more information on "The Star-Spangled Banner" and other American history topics on the Web. For more details on the history of "The Star-Spangled Banner" you can start with these links:

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The original Star-Spangled Banner went on view for the first time after flying over Fort McHenry, on January 1st, 1876 at the Old State House in Philadelphia for the nations' centennial celebration. It is now on display in the Smithsonian Institution's Museum of American History.

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Yet it lived on in numerous variants, sung durimg the uprisings against the Russians (the November 1830, the January 1863), as well as during the 1848 Spring of the Nations.

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The national plans would not be affected by the new policy, Anthem said.

Under Anthem’s Indiana plans, customers visit the emergency room nearly 200,000 times a year.